Know About a Tpms Sensor and Its Obligation in the UK

The most fragile parts of a vehicle are its wheels as they make constant contact with the surface of the road. Under inflation and damage may be caused by accidentally curb hitting, sharp objects, Potholes, or improper alignment. The life of a tyre is shortened by this. The performance and fuel efficiency o the car is also negatively affected by this. It also has an adverse impact on the braking capacity. Blowouts can be caused by low pressure apart from decreasing the overall driver control. These blowouts may result in fatal road accidents.

In 2014, installing TPMS with your Continental Tyres Leicester became compulsory for new vehicles in the EU for increasing the road user’s safety. New TPMS legislation was introduced one year later in the UK. This was a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System law by which an immediate MOT failure may occur due to a faulty and inoperative TPMS sensor irrespective of the car condition.

Working of TPMS

Two main Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems types are there:

Indirect: Indirect category works with Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) together for detecting a wheel rolling at various speeds as a result of underinflation.

Direct: For measuring air pressure in tyres, Direct with electronic sensors are mounted in each wheel. a warning light is flashed by them whenever the pressure goes below the set limit. This limit is 25% of the recommended level set by the car manufacturer usually.

Tpms – Security but a Bit Pricey

Unfortunately, Tyres installed with a direct Tyre Pressure Monitoring System are a bit expensive to maintain. For example, you will have to take changing those into account as well when changing tyres having pressure sensors. Damage from wear out or potholes can be sustained by Sensors and need replacement even if your car is not driven frequently. A sensor failure is indicated by a flashing light of TPMS. Potentially dangerous changes in pressure are indicated by continuous light.

Technical knowledge, labour, parts and extra tools are needed for changing tyres with tyre pressure sensors. As compared to those without sensors, more time is taken by it. This is because proper resetting and inspection are needed for the system to be completely safe and operational.

The replacement of cap, nut, valve core and seal on the valve stem is recommended by Garages every time the tyres are changed. The replacement cost of the TPMS valve is significant. Based on the model and make of the car, it can vary. As a rule of thumb, you will have to pay more for replacements if your car is expensive.

However, its cost is worth paying for ensuring increased protection of all users on the road. Safety of pedestrians, passengers and drivers is of vital importance, especially due to the presence of faster and numerous cars as used to be earlier.

Tpms Sensors Law in the UK

In the tyre industry and UK automotive, many things have changed after 1.01.2021. With EU regulations, the UK TPMS legislation is more compliant and the government doesn’t enforce these anymore. However, imagining no obligatory TPMS in the new cars is tough for safety.

Our Safety

It is assumed and complained by many people that the TPMS is just another electronic system installed in cars that is already gadget-laden. Although it is a fact that modern vehicles have become more complicated with time, innovations are quite essential for increasing safety. The least of your problems could really be failing an MOT if your TPMS is not working. If you are travelling on a flat tyre, the braking distance increases in such tyres. Thus, your vehicle will travel a long distance before coming to stop when you apply brakes in case of emergencies. Sometimes the difference between a fatal accident and a narrow escape can be made by even a meter.

Your car will definitely have a TPMS system installed with Cheap Tyres Leicester if it has been manufactured after 2014. Maintaining it is all you have to do so that the TPMS can take care of your road safety. You must not neglect your vehicle and its check-ups as your safety depends on it.


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