Know About Different Types of Car Tyres and Their Application

Perhaps the most widely car component in terms of design and functionality are tyres. It can be overwhelming to choose the right tyres from such a huge variety. Hence, you must educate yourself about the features of each of these types before buying a new set.

Now, to decide on the right time to buy new car tyres, consider the following points –

  • Low tread depth

When the tread depth of your car approaches 2mm, you should start to look for new Car Tyres Preston. The legal limit for tyre tread depth in the UK is 1.6mm. However, studies show that at 2mm, a tyre’s braking distance increases to dangerous levels. Low tread depth also results in poor cornering stability.

  • Uneven tread wear

Unevenly eroded tyres lower your car’s fuel efficiency. Uneven material distribution on tyre’s tread increases the rolling resistance. It also results in an unstable ride, excess vibration and noise generation.

  • Old tyres

Most tyres are designed to last between 5 to 6 years. However, poor maintenance can cause them to become unusable ahead of time. For instance, exposure to sunlight over a long duration can cause a tyre’s rubber to harden up. Accumulation of brake dust on a tyre’s surface can also deteriorate its quality.

Let’s look at the types of tyres that you can opt for.

Car Types and Their Application

  • Touring tyres –

The design of touring tyres enables smooth, comfortable and long tread life. Also, the rubber compound on these tyres comprises of a special blend of components that increases their tread life. They don’t target any specific performance aspect; rather their design promotes balance on all criterions.

  • Sports tyres –

In sports tyres, the tread design is geared to maximise contact patch with the road. As a result, they are capable of delivering high performance such as quick and precise steering response, excellent wet grip and short braking distance.

  • Fuel economy tyres

Low rolling resistance is the main feature on these tyres. The tyre’s design is customised to minimise friction so that it requires less fuel to operate. Additionally, low tread wear rate is also a distinguishing feature of these tyres. However, with these, you may have to compromise a little on performance. For daily commuting in cities, these tyres are capable of delivering more than sufficient level performance.

  • Summer tyres –

Meant to be used in temperature above 7°C, the tread compound on summer tyres comprises of harder rubber materials. The tread design on these tyres also handles aquaplaning better. Hence to traverse through wet roads in, summer Tyres in Preston are the ideal choice.

  • Winter tyres –

These tyres are necessary to mount on your car wheels at temperatures below 7°C. That’s because with their softer tread compound they resist hardening due to moisture loss. Unique tread design in winter tyres with high void ratio and numerous sipes on tread blocks enables them to retain traction even on snow and sleet.

With the knowledge of different car tyres and their application, you can now choose the right one. To buy high quality car tyres, visit Star Tyres. They can also help you with a wheel alignment other than a comprehensive MOT check.

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