Know About the Revised MOT Guidelines for your Vehicle in the UK

You must get an MOT test after 3 years of registering your new vehicle. It is an annual test for vehicle safety, exhaust emissions, and roadworthiness aspects. It certifies that your car is safe to be driven on UK roads. MOT in Spalding or anywhere else in the UK is mandatory for the MOT certificate, which you will only gain if you pass the test.

Several changes have been implemented for MOT tests to comply with EU Directive 2014/45. The following changes are effective from 20th May 2018.

  • Better classification of defects

The new guidelines have a better classification for car defects, namely, dangerous, major, and minor. You may be issued advisories to monitor and repair defects that might be dangerous in the future. You will be issued a pass certificate if your vehicle meets the minimum legal standards.

You cannot drive your vehicle if it has an immediate risk to the environment and road safety. Repair your car immediately for major defects to pass the MOT.

  • Vehicles over 40 years old

Earlier, vehicles built before 1960 were exempt from MOT. With the recent guidelines, light passenger vehicles and cars over 40 years will not require an MOT. Additionally, they should not have been changed substantially to qualify for this category.

You can check your vehicle’s registration date online and won’t have to apply to stop getting your MOT. Vehicle tax on old cars requires a declaration that you meet the standards to not require an MOT. Consult a vehicle expert for your car repair in Spalding if you are not sure whether your vintage vehicle requires an MOT to be roadworthy or not.

  • Diesel car emissions

Vehicles using a diesel particulate filter (DPF) have stricter limits for emissions. DPF help to reduce emissions from diesel cars as it captures and stores exhaust soot. Smoke of any colour coming from the exhaust will make you fail your MOT test.

Furthermore, DPF tampering will also fail you in the test. You may check your vehicle’s handbook to locate a DPF in your car. Your vehicle manufacturer’s plate specifies the emission limit which should not be breached.

  • Format of the MOT certificate

The design of the MOT certificate has also changed in the latest guidelines. It lists the new defects category which makes it clear and easy to understand. The latest certificate also contains your vehicle’s mileage history and the registration number. There has also been an update in the contingency testing certificate.

An option to print the certificate in English-only or Welsh-only is also there contrary to bilingual certificates printed earlier. Replacement certificates are also printed in the new format.

  • New additions

The following parameters have also been added to the existing list for an MOT check-

  • Missing brake pads or discs and brake pad warning lights.
  • For vehicles used from 1st March 2018, daytime running lights will also be examined.
  • Check for fluid leaks that pose an environmental threat.
  • Examining headlight washers for vehicles used from 1st September 2009.

MOT tests require you to make immediate repairs on your car to make it fit for travelling. Visit a highly regarded garage like Matmore Motors to make necessary repairs to your vehicle.

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