Know Everything About Tyre Maintenance

Tyres are one of the essential components of a vehicle’s hardware system. They are the only parts that connect the car with the road surface. So, if you want your vehicle to perform optimally, you must maintain the tyres routinely. Well-maintained Goodyear Tyres Wolverhampton ensure road safety, better grip, improved performance, and increased fuel efficiency.

When it comes to car servicing, many of us relate it with engine servicing, regular oil change, functioning of brakes, etc. But we often forget to maintain the tyres, which support the overall weight of the car.

Drivers and car owners invest in expensive tyres to avail themselves of increased fuel mileage, longer sustainability, road safety, handling, etc. But if you don’t maintain the tyres regularly, they will provide you with the performance of a budget tyre.

In this blog, we provide you with some quick tyre maintenance tips that will prove fruitful in maintaining the condition of your supportive tyres.

Tyre Replacement – Tyre experts recommend replacing the tyres between 6 to 10 years. It’s the right time to discard the old ones and switch to a new set of tyres. In any condition, do not cross the extreme limit that is ten years. Tyre tread wear depends on factors, such as – type of vehicle, driving style, tyre maintenance, road and weather conditions, etc.

Tyre Rotation – Tyre rotation is a crucial aspect of extending the life of the tyres. Experts recommend replacing the car tyres every 5,000 km or when you spot uneven tread wear. When rotating the car tyres, ensure all four of them get equal road exposure. Periodic tyre rotation ensures even tread wear, and no tyre has over-or under-worked.

Gentle Driving – Often, we tend to drive the car harshly or at fast speeds, and after hitting a pothole or hazard on the road – we try to stop the vehicle by applying emergency brakes. The car stops immediately, but the tyres have to bear the entire rage. Harsh braking leads to premature wear, reducing the lifespan of the tyre. Therefore, it’s advisable to drive the vehicle at a slow speed. It will prevent you from frequent braking. Regular stopping and rash driving can result in tyre skidding, causing dangerous mishaps.

Air Pressure – It’s essential to keep a check on the inflation pressure of your vehicle tyres. It keeps the tyre away from punctures and helps achieve better fuel economy. The car manufacturers recommend a specific tyre pressure for your vehicle in their handbook. If you go according to their recommendation, it will ensure improved safety, increased longevity, better overall performance, outstanding cornering at fast speeds, and vehicle handling.

Over-or under-inflated tyres harm the day-to-day performance of the car. Over-inflation can lead to decreased sidewall flexibility and affects the road-gripping ability of the tyre. Under-inflated tyres are more likely to blow out due to reduced tyre diameter and less air.

Tyre Storage – When storing the car tyres, properly clean the tyres and choose the tyre position – standing or lying. Ensure to keep the tyres in a cool and dry place away from petroleum products and grease. Moreover, the area should be away from sunlight exposure.

Don’t Mix and Match – You must have all four tyres of the same size, type and brand to ensure better performance.

Wheel Alignment – Wheel alignment is a crucial aspect of motoring. It means adjusting the angles of the wheel relative to the suspension as per the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation. Its purpose is to get the most out of the tyre and ensure equal wear across all four car tyres. Tyre experts recommend aligning the tyres every 5,000 km.

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