Know How To Get Your Exhaust System Ready for the MOT!

As per the UK transport laws, a car older than 3 years is required to take a mandatory test to determine their road worthiness. This test, known as the MOT test, checks the various components of a car for proper functionality and basic safety standards.

If a car fails to clear the MOT test, it becomes illegal to drive it further, without the necessary repairs.

Car Parts That Are Tested in Mot

There are service stations across the country that performs MOT tests. Every year it is found that more than 40% of the cars fail to clear the test and are declared unfit for roads.

The MOT test in Newport, like in other cities of the UK, comprises of checking the various parts of a car. For instance, horns, various lights including the indicators, wipers, washer fluid, tyre tread depth, tyre pressure, battery, steering, electrical wiring, mirrors and door, seat belts, exhaust system etc. are inspected during the test.

Thus, it is vital to ensure that all these car parts are in proper working conditions before taking your car for a test.

How To Detect Problems With Your Exhaust System?

The job of the exhaust system in your car is to guide away and expel harmful gases from the engine. It is one of the most important parts of a car and a malfunction can have irreparable consequences.

Getting an Exhaust Repair Newport for your car is crucial for its performance as well as minimal safety standards. There are several signs you can keep an eye on that can help you detect problems with your car’s exhaust system.

  • Unusual Noises in Your Engine

The first sign that indicates that your exhaust system is malfunctioning is unusual noises coming from your engine. An exhaust leak caused due to a fault in the exhaust manifold gasket may produce tapping or hissing sounds. The sounds especially become louder when you accelerate.

  • Decrease in Performance

A problem in the exhaust system will affect the overall performance of your car, especially its power output. An exhaust leak won’t allow you to accelerate and your car will not reach its full power.

  • Lower Fuel Efficiency

The exhaust is responsible for ensuring optimal fuel combustion. If you have a faulty exhaust, the car uses up more fuel to perform its functions and requires more gas to run. Thus, even though replacing your car’s exhaust is expensive, doing so can actually save up a lot on the longer run of things.

  • A Smell Of Gas Inside The Cabin

If you get a strong smell of gas inside your car while driving, it usually indicates a problem with your exhaust. An exhaust pipe leak can cause the gasoline fumes to escape into your car’s cabin. It is advisable to avoid driving your vehicle in the case of such situations and opt for immediate servicing.

  • An Out-Of-Place Exhaust Pipe

Many times, your exhaust pipe can get out of position and start to hang from underneath the car. It can happen if your hangars let go of the pipe. Driving your car while dragging your exhaust outlet on the road can cause structural damage which will require replacements above repairs.

Where Can You Get Your Exhaust System Fixed?

Any competent service centre around the country is capable of fixing a faulty exhaust system. Especially, centres that conduct MOT tests know how to get into the nitty-gritty of your car. For instance, Trade Price Tyres is one such service centre that can provide you with all the services required to bring your exhaust back to top-notch performing conditions.

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