Know the easiest way to fit snow chains on tyres

Tyre chains have been a common way of traversing snowy, icy or even steep roads in many mountain areas. Unknown to some motorists, these help in maintaining control on mountainous driving conditions. It might not be the easiest task to undertake, but having it done once, you would not find it difficult attempting it again.

Listed below are a few important steps to keep in mind while chaining your Tyres Mountain Ash:

1. Purchase tyre chains that perfectly fit your type of tyre

Take relevant advice from the shop you are purchasing the chain from. The packaging often mentions the type of tyre it is meant for. Chains too small or too big could result in damage to your car or cause dangers while driving.

2. Install the chains on tyres and test them by driving on a snowy or slippery surface

Test the Tyres Rhymney chains on an empty or open stretch. Untangle the chains and place the separated chains on the front two tyres as well as on the two rear wheels. Have a pair of waterproof gloves are always a good choice while installing the tyre chains.

How are the tyre snow chains fitted

At first, ensure the parking brakes of the vehicle are on and the vehicle is in gear. Once, you have ensured this, just place the chain over the tyre, holding it at the top and then making it fall evenly over the front of the tyre and wheel. Some of the chains available have rings that go inside the wheel. In such cases, make sure the open connection is placed at the bottom. Now, connect the bottom of the ring with chains.

Post securing the first chain evenly of the three-quarters of the wheel, place the other chain on the second tyre. When both the chains have been placed, drive your vehicle forward for less than a meter to bring out the part of the tyre that was earlier touching the ground. Put the parking brakes on again and finish placing both the chains securely. With the help of a closer link, tighten the chains. After completing this step, drive your car for another 20 to 30 meters and then re-tighten the chains as they adjust themselves on the tyre. The bumpy ride might seem worrying in the start, however, be assured that it is normal. Do not drive too fast or far, if you are practising on a dry road.

The step of taking the chains off is much simpler. You would just require to disconnect the inner part first. Place the chains flat on the road and then drive the vehicle in the forward direction for about a meter, until the chains come off the tyres. Pack the dry chains back in a bag in an untangled fashion.

For further advice on how to make sure you buy, install and remove the tyre chains securely, you could seek professional guidance from Tyres Merthyr. The experienced group of professionals would recommend you the best options possible to help you save your time, energy and effort.