Know these Vital Facts to Make the Most Out of Car Tyres

Leading road safety and breakdown recovery organisations in the UK regularly stress the importance of conducting regular checks on your tyres. So, it’s essential that you do your best to maintain them in optimal condition. A little knowledge goes a long way; so with the right knowledge, you will be able to use your existing car tyres for a long time. It also helps when buying new Tyres Bedford.

Factors You Need to Consider about Tyres for Optimal Performance

  • Inflation pressure

Maintaining appropriate tyre pressure is vital for optimal tread life. Incorrect inflation pressure increases the chances of damage. Moreover, under-inflated pressure increases resistance and leads to more fuel consumption and greater emission of CO2.

  • Choosing tyres with proper tyre marking

When buying new tyres, you must carefully consider the tyre code. A tyre code is a set of alphabets and data that you can find stamped on a tyre’s sidewall. It contains vital information about a tyre. Load index, speed rating, wheel diameter, and aspect ratio are some of the information a tyre code furnishes.

Load index denotes the maximum weight a tyre can support while the car moves at its highest speed. It’s important to select a tyre that has a load index as per manufacturer recommendation. You can also opt for a slightly higher load index if you need to carry extra weight on your car. Considering the wheel diameter is also crucial as it will help you to choose tyres of appropriate size. Smaller tyres need to stretch extra hard to fit, which compromises their performance.

  • Age of the tyre

You should never use or buy a tyre that is more than 6 tyres old. Always, look for the DOT code stamped on the side walls. Using this code, you can identify a tyres manufacturing date. It will generally be a four-digit code.

With age, a car tyre’s rubber hardens ups and becomes prone to damage. Also, old tyre cannot maintain optimal traction.

  • Tread depth

The minimum allowable tread depth in the UK is 1.6mm, and if you drive with a tread depth below that, you’ll attract heavy penalties. Additionally, a tread depth below 1.6mm will cost you the MOT. However, experts recommend maintaining your tread depth above 3mm. Traction and handling characteristics start to drop below that point.

  • Wheel alignment, balancing and tyre rotation

These are the three most crucial maintenance operations that you must carry out on your Tyres in Clapham and other places regularly. Wheel alignment ensures that your car’s wheels are in proper angles with respect to different vehicle planes. Without proper wheel alignment handling and steering stability starts to drop.

Wheel balancing is also vital as tyres tend to become out of balance over time due to improper mass distribution. Wheel imbalance results in unbalanced forces and exerts excess stress on the suspension parts. Additionally, tyre rotation is also vital. It evens out the tread wear and ensures all tyres have the same tread depth.

With this knowledge, hopefully, you’ll be able to maintain your tyres in a usable state for a prolonged time. When looking for new tyres visit Sandy Auto Centre, to choose from a wide range. They also perform MOT checks, and car repair at an affordable rate.

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