Knowing about Agricultural tyres by Mitas

Mitas is a brand which offers a comprehensive range of cross-ply and radial tyres for trailers, tractors and a wide range of industrial, earth-mover tyres (OTR) and multipurpose tyres (MPT)

Mitas tyres History

Mitas manufactures off-road tyres based in Czech. They are from the 1930s when the production of the tyre had started in Prague, the then capital of Czechoslovakia, and then in Zlin.

There are three plants in the Czech Republic, that are in Serbia, Charles City, and Iowa. Other than the facilities of production, they have a large-scale sale at the international level and have an operating network for distribution in around 14 countries.

The company manufactures and sells tyres Birmingham under two brand names, i.e. Cultor and Mitas. They are members of the Trelleborg Group. The tyre manufacturers based in Czech are the top amongst construction equipment and agricultural tyres

Mita’s core brands and businesses

Agricultural tyres, motorcycle tyres, and industrial tyres are the core business of Mitas. It was found that out of 71 per cent of the Mitas revenue, 23 per cent was from industrial tyres, 2 per cent of them were from motorcycle tyre and the rest was by selling other products and by providing services.

Mitas branded tyres

Mitas tyres offer a range of cross-ply and radial tyres for trailers, tractors, and a wide range of industrial, multipurpose tyres and earth-mover tyres.

The company includes tyres that are used in off-road motorcycle and radial tyres for on-road motorcycle tyres. The wide range of products includes air crafted tyres. The tyre of this brand is intended to distribute original equipment worldwide by the manufacturers of machinery.

There are a wide range of Mitas tyres and some of them are as follows

  • AC 70 G – Harvest radial
  • IM-04 I-1
  • IM-07 I-1
  • TR-01 I-3
  • TR-03 I-3
  • TR-06 I-3

AC 70 G – Harvest radial: These are Economical tyres that are used for gentle ground handling on farms. They have low inflation pressures and high load capacities. They have a wide and even distribution of pressure on the ground.

They are smooth for on-road driving and own a low vibration while moving between the fields. They are cost-efficient and are really productive, providing amazing performance in both fields and transport.

SFT CHO: These tyres are gentle on the ground while handling providing a comfortable harvesting time. They provide more load capacity and low inflation pressure.

They own footprints which are comparatively larger than standard harvester tyres. This tyre fulfils the legal requirements with its narrow construction.

SFT IMP: These tyres have outstanding traction. They own high load capacity and best ground pressure which reduces compaction in the soil.

The tread pattern increases the life of a tyre and high resistance towards damage. They are very suitable for field applications.

IM-04 I-1: They own a tread pattern that is suitable for various agricultural purposes.

IM-07 I-1: These tyres have a pattern which owns a rolling rim profile without elements like lateral tread, they are suitable for soil cultivation/meadowland use.

TR-01 I-3: These tyres have a tread pattern that provides the best traction that is suitable for all agricultural loaders, self-propelled machines, telescopic loaders, and small dump trucks.

TR-03 I-3: These tyres own a universal traction pattern for various applications related to agriculture.

TR-06 I-3: These tyres own a Low-profile pattern of traction which are used in meadowlands and are suitable for wheels used for drive.

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