Knowing About the Different Types of Car Tyres

The modern-day car tyres come in a lot of options as per your requirement. As a motorist, you have the option to select from high-performance, seasonal and terrain specific tyres. However, it is quite crucial that you have thorough information about the benefits of such tyres and why are preferred in the industry. The following blog will give you just the information.

Ancient tyres were made from wood or steel, but today, tyres are composed using natural and synthetic rubber mixed with different chemicals and silica, carbon compounds. Modern-day tyres Telford have features that provide safety and comfort at the same time. The tread of your tyres help in sustaining a firm grip on the road.

Before the invention of the rubber tyre, tyres were made with wood and steel and were unable to handle the-then vehicles. With time and technology, tyres were made with rubber. Using natural rubber for tyres turned out to be very reliable. A tyre provides structural support to the weight of the car.

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Considering the collective ability of the tyres to handle loads, a motorist must be aware of such types-

  1. Light duty tyres 
  2. Medium duty tyres 
  3. Heavy-duty tyres

Light duty tyres-

These tyres can carry a load capacity of about 250 to 500 pounds.

–         Summer tyres- Tyres used in a particular season for different cars are usually light-duty tyres. Made with a combination of natural and synthetic rubber, summer tyres often provide the softness needed to drive in a hot and dry climate. The tread pattern of these tyres is a structure of inter-locked grooves and a large footprint on the road. Summer tyres provide enhanced handling, agility, and overall performance in dry and wet road conditions.

–         Winter tyres – Tyres made from natural rubber mixed with silica and other chemicals are usually used in cold weather below 7 degrees Celsius. The tyre tread of winter tyres is shallow and closely placed with tiny grooves and sipes to prevent hydroplaning. Winter tyres can reduce your car’s stopping distance on icy roads.

– All-season tyres– Tyres made with the features of both summer and winter tyres. These tyres can be used over the year without changing.

Medium duty tyres-

Such tyres can carry a load of about 500 to 1500 pounds.

-All-terrain tyres-  These tyres can be used in any kind of terrain, either on-road or off-road.

– High-performance tyres– Tyres made to improve your car’s handling at high speeds. These Tyres Cressage are popular amongst race drivers and sports cars.

–         Mud Terrain tyres– Tyres made with a deep tread pattern to maintain a bigger contact area on the ground. The traction created is also firm because of the greater contact patch.

–         Run-flat tyres– A unique tyre type that can run even after getting punctured. These tyres have advantages but the major drawback is once punctured they cannot be repaired, they will have to be replaced.

Heavy-duty tyres-

Tyres having a load capacity of about 1800 to 2500 pounds.

–         Truck tyres- Tyres made to carry weight more than 2000 pounds. These tyres are thick and large that can maintain large contact with the road and transfer weight.

– Off-road tyres- These tyres are again huge and have deep tread to sustain firm traction with the road.

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