Learn the Differences between Wheel Alignment and Wheel Balancing

Two of the common reasons to avail wheel alignment and wheel balancing services are to prolong the life of your car tyres and improve drivability. Tyres come with a not-so-cheap price tag, and you don’t want to replace them every once in a while. Other than keeping tyres in top shape, these two services also account for a safer and comfortable drive.

Let’s take a look at wheel alignment and wheel balancing more thoroughly.

Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment Scarborough, as the name suggests, aligns the wheels to make them parallel to each other and perpendicular to the road.

How do wheels get misaligned?

Damaged suspension system or worn components can cause wheels to become misaligned. Also, driving at high speeds over speed bumps, potholes, and curbs can also lead to the same.

What are the consequences of driving with misaligned wheels?

  • Feathered tyre wear – one side of a tyre is smooth while the other side is rough.

  • Vehicle pulls to one side of the road.

  • Off-centre steering wheel.

  • Steering wheel vibrates.

What to do in case of misaligned wheels?

Taking the help of a professional wheel alignment garage in Scarborough is highly recommended. Garages like JCS Tyres provide wheel alignment services. They also have wheel balancing, bodywork repair, mobile tyre fitting, puncture repairs, and several other services to offer.

How does wheel alignment in Scarborough work?

Car garages perform the following three types of wheel alignment services:

1. Camber Alignment

The camber angle is the tilt of the wheels when seen from the front. It can be:

  • Positive – When a wheel is tilting outwards.

  • Negative – Wheel a wheel is tilting inwards.

Technicians perform camber alignment to make your car wheel perpendicular to the road.

2. Toe Alignment

The toe angle is also of two types:

  • Positive or toe-in – When your car wheel point inwards or towards each other.

  • Negative or toe-out – When your vehicle wheels point outwards or away from each other.

Wheel alignment garages in Scarborough perform toe alignment to make your car’s wheels parallel to each other.

3. Caster Alignment

Caster alignment aligns the angle of a steering axle attached to a wheel. It is also of two types:

  • Positive – When a steering axle points towards the back of your car

  • Negative – When a steering axle tilts towards the front of your vehicle

Wheel Balancing

Wheel balancing evens the weight of a wheel throughout its circumference.

What causes wheels to become imbalanced?

New wheels are imbalanced the majority of the time. Modifying the height of your car can also cause the same.

What are the consequences of driving with imbalanced wheels?

  • Abnormal or irregular tyre wear

  • Vibrations felt through the steering wheel.

  • Vibrations on vehicle floorboard.

How does a wheel balancing service work?

Technicians at a car garage use a wheel balancing machine to determine the precise location of an imbalance and how much weight to add to counter the same.

Wheel balancing machines are of two types:

  1. Static.

  2. Dynamic

Opt for a wheel balancing or wheel alignment in Scarborough to extend the life of your car tyres and for a safer drive.

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