Learn What Affects the Durability of Your Tyres

Tyres are to your car, what legs are to your body. Their conditions determine not only the comfort of your drive but also the fuel efficiency of your car. They need to be cared for to get the most out of them. Before taking care of your tyres you need to know the factors that ail them. The following article will be discussing the factors that affect the performance of your tyres.

Different Types

Tyres are not made to withstand all temperatures or weather conditions. To get around this hurdle, different tyres are made for different conditions. Two broad categories are summer and winter tyres. Other options are also available to users in the form of rain and all-terrain tyres.

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Each tyre is designed to withstand the challenges delivered by the specific environmental factors. If one wants to buy tyres for all the seasons Dunlop Tyres Birmingham is an excellent option. Now, if users are too lazy or forget to change tyres with the change in surroundings, it can affect the durability of the tyres. It can compromise not only the conditions of the tyres but also the safety of others.

Check the Ratings

Your tyres come with treads to give optimum friction. Over time, these treads wear down. The wearing depends on many factors such as distance travelled and the conditions of roads. This wearing can put the safety of your drive at risk.

To give users details about the tyre treads, tyres come with tread wear rating. The ratings of modern tyres vary from 200 to 500. The higher the rating, the more will these treads take to wear.

The Way You Drive 

The simple rule of thumb dictates that the harder you press your accelerator the more your tyres will wear.  First, check if your engine provides power to your front wheels or rear wheels. If the tyres that receive power from the engine are in worse condition than other tyres, you are putting them under a lot of pressure.

The same thing applies to your break. Bringing your vehicle to a sudden halt takes a huge toll on the condition of your tyres.


In summers, air expands, and in winters, it shrinks. This physics is also applicable to the air inside your tyres. As the air shrinks inside your tyres in winters, they run the risk of running at low pressure. This low pressure provides ideal friction to your tyres but wears them down too. In summers, as the heat expands the air inside your tyres, they often run at high pressure. Black objects absorb heat more rapidly. Tyres, therefore, generally get overheated, which affects their durability.

As They Age

Tyres are not made to live forever. As time passes by, they lose their texture and properties.  Car Tyres Birmingham maintain their durability all the time. Even if they are not being used, they lose air and get affected by the heat of the summer or the chill of the winter. It is advised to get your tyres checked even if you are not using them regularly.

Tyres are the heart and soul of your car. As they come with all the visible labels, indicating their properties, taking their care is not that hard. Just be vigilant of all the warning signs and your tyres will be your best friends.

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