Let us talk about Pirelli Tyre Technology

If there is an organisation that is tirelessly working towards providing consumers with the best and the latest innovation on the tyre segments, then it is Pirelli. An Italian based company, Pirelli is known to manufacture quality tyres for motorcycles, car, passenger vehicles and sports cars. This organisation has put in extensive efforts in the field of research and development. The concept of extended mobility given by Pirelli ensures security, safety, and peace of mind. This is because of the first of its kind seal inside and run-flat tyre technologies. In addition to technology related to mobility, Pirelli has developed tyres that have immense capabilities.


Some of the technology developed by Pirelli concerning the tyres are as follows


Pirelli Connesso: Addressing to the futuristic demands of intelligent and automatic vehicles, Pirelli has initiated intelligent system enabled tyres technology. One such application is Pirelli Connesso. This is an app for smartphones or mobile devices created by Pirelli whose function is to inform the driver of the real-time information related to the tyres. This could be inclusive of the course of action for any specific situation or recommendation.


The features and advantages of these Pirelli Tyres Mildenhall includes:


1.     Real-time information is sent to the driver related to temperature, pressure, maintenance, and use of every tyre.

2.     With the help of this app, consumers can experience a safer and efficient driving experience.

3.     Personalised and localised service of rotation alignment, balancing tyre change, etc is provided by Connesso through Pirelli Concierge.


Pirelli Connesso informs the consumers when the pressure falls bellows the normal range, tyre wear and tear, even grip and handling on the track. Through this information, the driver gets to know the status of the tyre and can take decisions in quick time to ensure safety on roads. 


Pirelli Noise Cancelling System (PCNS): PCNS is an innovative solution by Pirelli group. It has the capability of reducing the noise generated by the Tyres Mildenhall. This system greatly solves the issues of vibrations generated in the structure of the tyre, cavity noise, etc.


Some of the features and advantages of the Pirelli Noise Cancellation System are:


1.     Frequency filtering through the car is reduced by the sound-absorbing sponges

2.     Superior comfort is provided in comparison to traditional tyres

3.     The noise levels are reduced by at least 50 per cent i.e. two to three decibels

4.     The cavity noise is reduced by the polyurethane sponge since it has the capability of absorbing vibrations, thus reduction in noise.


Pirelli Seal Inside: This technology helps the consumers in driving safely in the car in case a puncture is encountered. The property of self-sealing of the tyre ensures complete control is maintained over the vehicle. This technology helps the vehicle in running continuously without losing any air pressure. With this technology, there is absolutely no need for rims.


Some of the features and the advantages of this technology are:


1.     This technology can be used on any vehicle based on the size of the tyres.

2.     The tyres having seal inside technology quickly deal with the punctures in the majority of the cases. This means that the driver never realises when the tyre gets punctured.

3.     The material used in this technology has the capability of forming a sealing layer inside the tyre. This stops any kind of leakage with or without the presence of any external object.

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