Look Out for these Signs Indicative of Exhaust Issues

A typical exhaust system is a culmination of several components like the exhaust manifold, oxygen sensor, catalytic converter, exhaust pipe, muffler, etc.

There are four primary objectives of an exhaust system:

  • Carry to out the exhaust fumes out of your vehicle.
  • Reduce engine noise.
  • Improve the performance of your car engine.
  • Improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle.

All of these components work in unison to perform these tasks. A simple fault in one of them can cause a multitude of problems. Availing exhaust repair in Longton as soon as possible in such cases is critical.

When will you know when the exhaust is at fault?

Some of the common symptoms that might indicate problems with your car’s exhaust system:

  1. Smoke colour that is not normal

You have nothing to worry about if your exhaust smoke is light or thin white coloured. Anything other than that indicates an issue.

For example, if the colour of smoke grey or milky white, then there your car’s head gasket is leaking coolant. The combustion chamber heats the coolant and comes out with the exhaust fumes.

The consequence?

An overheated engine.

And, an overheated engine could lead to a ton of problems you don’t want to encounter.

Also, you may come across black smoke, which will require immediate exhaust repair in Longton. Black smoke may indicate clogged manifold, blocked air filter, or faulty fuel injection.

Similarly, grey or blue smoke can exhibit an oil leak. Damaged cylinder walls, piston rings, and valve seals can be a problem in such cases.

  1. Weird and unusual noises

Similar to smoke, you must also watch out for strange and unusual sounds that you usually will not come across.

For example, a hissing or popping noise can mean one of the pipes or the muffler is leaking. Similarly, a roaring sound indicates there is a problem with the muffler. On the other hand, a rattling noise can be caused by unsecured brackets.

What is the solution?

Whatever the sound, head over to your nearest garage for an exhaust repair in Longton. Harvey Tyres is a professional car garage that can help you out in these cases. They also provide other services like wheel alignment, wheel balancing, tyre fitting, and more.

  1. Strange smell

If you smell petrol inside your vehicle, then the exhaust system is leaking. Damaged tubes and pipes can lead to this issue.

Also, you might come across a burning smell from under the hood. Exhaust leaks occurring near electrical wiring will cause the latter to melt.

  1. Lower fuel economy

A fault in your vehicle’s exhaust system can also lead to more expenses after fuel. Exhaust leaks cause your car to burn more fuel, thereby decreasing mileage. Hence, you need to visit an exhaust repair garage in Longton immediately.

  1. Lower power and acceleration

Problems with your car’s exhaust system can also lower its power and acceleration. Your vehicle will not accelerate properly even after you press the throttle fully. Ignoring this problem will make it worse. So, opt for a resolution quickly.

As a matter of cat, ignoring any of these issues can lead you to spend even more. Hence, make sure to avail Exhaust Repair in Longton without fail.

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