Owning a car used to be considered a luxury and a reflection of one’s financial status.

However, almost every person in the UK now owns at least one car. It has become a requisite for daily commuting.

As much convenience and ease as it adds to one’s life. Owning a car tends to come with its own set of liabilities. The most significant of which would be timely maintenance and servicing procedures.

Other than these, our daily commutes become more difficult due to chaotic traffic and congested roads. Frequent potholes, regular working-up of steering to negotiate traffic and desperate overtake. It has become crucial to fit your car with tyres that are up to the task and give you benefits in the long run.

What are cheap or budget tyres?

The tyre industry generates three different types of tyres based on their financial value: premium tyres, mid-range tyres, and low-cost or cheap or budget tyres.

The key difference between these three categories is the amount of research and development. The technological acumen (R&D) that is put into the making of the Dunlop tyres Birmingham. Including tread pattern, material compound, and construction techniques. It is even dependent on robustness, ride comfort, braking, sound containment, and so on.

Thus, it is easy to predict that budget tyres lack quality. In addition to the reliability of premium tyres, they are prone to wear out more quickly. As a result, it is easy to predict that budget tyres lack quality. Also, the dependability of premium tyres is evident to wear out faster.

Who can buy cheap or budget tyres?

Even if cheap or budget tyres fall short of the standards of more expensive premium or midrange tyres, opting for options from reputable brands will ensure adequate safety and the best performance.

Beyond this, cheap tyres are the best option for people who drive their vehicles infrequently and thus have low annual mileage as these tyres tend to wear out faster.

As cheap tyres have lesser adaptability and lower grip than the other two tyre categories, they are appropriate for vehicles that are mostly driven on well-maintained main roads and lanes.

Are budget or cheap tyres a reliable and safe option?

While there is a continuous debate about whether opting for cheap tyres is a smart decision or not, opting for options from reliable and trusted brands will ensure your safety.

Another important factors considered while making a decision is the driving pattern. Other factors include conditions that the vehicle will be subjected to. For instance, as, cheap tyres owe to a lower grip and durability with better functioning in dry conditions.

One may notice a slight decrease in the grip of the tyres along with increased stopping time when the vehicle is fitted with budget tyres and is driven in wet conditions.

Winding Up:

Transportation has advanced dramatically in recent years. From the insane increase in traffic to other challenges, no car can perform well if its tyres are woefully insufficient.

While car maintenance can be costly, when it comes to choosing tyres for your car, you could always look for quality options at cheaper prices. Although it is obvious that cheap budget tyres will not match the quality and standards of premium range or mid-range tyres.

Yet, one can wisely choose from numerous trustworthy and reliable brands that aim to offer high-quality tyres that ensure safety and promise excellent value, especially if you use your vehicle infrequently, have low annual mileage, or are more prone to driving in dry conditions and on sufficiently well-maintained roads.

Cheap and budget tyres are approximately 40 -50 per cent less expensive than premium range tyres, and while they will not last as long or provide the same performance. These are an ideal solution for a second car that is in use frequently. It is even a temporary replacement for a part-worn out tyre assimilating a cheap and pocket-friendly quick fix.

How can we at BR Car Care Centre help?

At BR Car Care Centre in Birmingham, we acknowledge that maintaining your vehicle can be complex and expensive. As a result, we are committed to providing high-quality brands at the best and cheapest price possible. We strive to never compromise on tyre quality and provide our customers with the best possible experience. Especially, when looking for cheap or budget-friendly tyre options in and around Birmingham.

All of the low-cost or budget tyre options are chosen carefully from trusted brands. Such as Dunlop, Debica, and Milestone, among others. These undergo the same number of multiple safety and performance tests. As the rest of the tyres in our selection provide you with extra peace of mind along with extra savings.


Our commitment at the BR Car Care Centre is to offer the finest quality tyres. That too at the best rates guarantees that you find the most affordable prices for your tyres here.

If you’d like some more information on the world of Cheap Tyres Birmingham. Or, whether they’d be a decent fit for your needs, please feel free to contact our team.