Maintain Proper Wheel Alignment For a Comfortable Drive

An automobile is both a fascinating and complex arrangement of various mechanisms. In your car, every single component plays a role in determining its efficiency. Starting from the overall profile of the vehicle body, to small bearings in the camshaft, every part contributes to the smooth, comfortable ride that you seek from your car.

So, what does a comfortable ride means, from the context of a driver?

Here’s what it means –

  • Minimum bumps and shocks transmitting from the road into a car’s cabin.

  • Sharp steering response, which means, all kinds of manoeuvring happens quickly without much delay.

  • Fuel efficient operation, with minimum unjustified fuel expenses.

  • Arrow straight tracking, without the need to adjust steering wheel multiple times.

All drivers expect the above from their cars. But a single defect can keep your car’s performance from measuring up to all the above expectation.

Wheel alignment defects is an issue that alters a car’s performance to a great extent. Wheels are a vehicle’s only contact with the road, so they impact ride comfort significantly. Hence, opt for a wheel alignment in Longton to ensure optimal ride comfort.

What is wheel alignment?

Take a peek inside or rather under your vehicle’s wheels. There you’ll see that the wheels are connected to the chassis with the help of a multi-component assembly. That is the suspension.

Wheel alignment refers to the way your car’s suspension connects it with the wheels. The wheels make various angles with reference to your car’s axis. Let’s look at the multiple angles that matter in an automobile’s handling and performance.

Wheels alignment angles

  • Caster – It’s an angle between a wheel’s vertical axis with the steering line. Caster influences steering control and stability.

  • Camber – It’s the inward and outward tilt of the wheels when you view your car from the front.

  • Toe – The degree by which a wheel turns inwards or outwards when viewed from above is its toe angle.

All the above angles are adjusted by a technician when you opt for a wheel alignment. Also, Wheel alignment refers to a service, where a technician adjusts all the above angles. An alignment machine is used to detect the angles.

How often will your car need an alignment service?

There’s no definitive measure for when you should go for a wheel alignment. So, experts recommend going for a wheel alignment in Longton after every six months, irrespective of whether you need it in the first place. Additionally, consider asking for an alignment job every time you visit a garage for any other car maintenance.

How will you know when your car needs an alignment?

Here are some of the common symptoms of wheels misalignment –

  • Vibration on the steering wheels.

  • The tendency of the car to wander.

  • Your vehicle pulls to one side when driving at high speeds.

  • Uneven tyre wear.

  • Steering wheel maintains an off-set position.

Moreover, wheel alignment affects your car’s fuel efficiency significantly. When the tyres are misaligned, they tend to drag and instead of rolling smoothly. Dragging tyres causes the engine to work harder, which leads to more fuel consumption.

A car can suffer up to 7% loss in fuel efficiency with misaligned wheels.

So, on noticing any signs of wheel misalignment, drive into a garage like Harvey Tyres. They also offer precision and professional wheel balancing and tyre fitting services.