Many Faults in Your Manifold?

Temperatures are rising all over the world. Cars are being blamed. Exhaust from vehicles is a major contributing factor in rising levels of greenhouse gases. Europe is experiencing its worst ever summer, but in this cacophony, people seem to have forgotten to question the humans who have not been able to keep the exhaust gases of their cars in check. Nor have they asked the question- why is my car’s fuel efficiency so low, why is it so thirsty despite all the contrary claims of the manufacturer?

Well, like many of the complex question of this world, this too has a very simple answer. The answer is ‘NEGLECT’. Drivers have neglected and taken their cars for granted, that in return have become thirsty greenhouse spitting monsters.

So, if drivers want to keep their cars from dying a legal death, to curb emissions, they need to start paying attention. This attention should, in most part, be paid to one of the most neglected parts of the car- the Exhaust Manifold.

What Does It Do?

The exhaust manifold has the responsibility to keep the exhaust gases produced in the engine from entering the car cabin- a very important task. Another task that it performs is suppressing the noise from the engine.

What Damages It?

The exhaust manifold is subjected to very high temperatures; as such, even small cracks in the manifold due to heating and cooling can over time become a big problem. So, avoid rocks and outcrops on the road; they may hit the manifold which may cause cracks to appear.

Keep That Water at Bay.

We all love to drive in the rain; it keeps us warm and lets us enjoy the countryside view. What we don’t realise and often ignore are those puddles which may cause water to enter the manifold from the tailpipe. The small puddles are of no consequence, but the bigger ones should be avoided whenever possible.

How to Assess When to Visit a Workshop?

  • Have you been hearing a rattling whenever you drive?

  • Are the fumes from your car’s tailpipe darker than nimbus clouds?

  • Has your car become thirstier than usual?

  • Has its performance decreased?

If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions, then it is time to visit Motorwurks for Exhaust Repair Derby. Your car’s exhaust manifold is leaking, and it needs to be taken care of by the best professionals in the business. If you are still unconvinced as to why you should become more responsible and get your car’s health to its best, keep in mind that the emission norms are getting stringent by the day(for a good reason), and your car might not be allowed to ply on the road with that leaky exhaust spewing out fumes like crazy.