Materials Used In Making Of Car Tyres

Tyres are an essential part of the car. They have an important impact on your driving experience. They are made of different materials according to their usage. These different materials enable car tyres to perform better under certain climatic conditions.
However, certain materials form the base of almost all car tyres. The following materials constitute every car tyre, and without these, tyres will not be able to sustain for a long time.

Rubber Base

Car Tyres Alton are made up of two different types of rubber, i.e. natural and artificial rubber. These two types of rubber are the major component of tyres. These compounds give flexibility to the tyre, which helps them in maintaining a steady grip on the road. Rubber compound also increases the rolling resistance of a car tyre. Natural rubbers increase the durability of a tyre, whereas synthetic rubber resists the heat.
The rubber material has some disadvantages too. These compounds wear down very easily. Moreover, they get hard in a cold place and become too soft during summers, causing the wear down of the tyre’s tread. Therefore, there are a lot of other chemicals, which are added to the tyre to enhance its performance.


To make rubber strong, some fillers such as silica, carbon, and chalk are added to it. These fillers prevent the rubber from getting too soft. This is not the only reason to add fillers. Fillers also give texture and strength to the tyres.
Different fillers used in the manufacture of tyres are as follows:

Carbon black

Carbon black is the result of the unfinished combustion of petroleum. They provide strength to the tyres. And also gives stability to the rubber compound by making them harder.


Everyone wants to manufacture a car tyre that is fuel-efficient and has excellent road grip. Therefore, silica is added to the car tyres to enhance its grip on the road. Manufacturers use silica in the form of silicon dioxide, which is a white powder.


Flexibility in car tyres is very important. A flexible car tyre can easily move on any kind of road, whereas a hard tyre will incur a lot of cracks and bumps on it. Therefore, car manufacturers need to add oil to the rubber compound to make it soft and flexible.


Car tyres are often subjected to strain, which is caused due to changing climatic conditions. This is why car tyres need to be very elastic. If your car tyre is elastic, it will be able to provide superior handling to your car.


Most of the car tyres get weakened due to excessive oxidation. This leads to cracks on the car tyre, eventually getting useless. Therefore, antioxidants are added to car tyres to prevent the oxidation of rubber present in them.

Vulcanizing Agent

To make car tyres perform well, their constituent elements must remain intact. Therefore, a vulcanization accelerator is added to car tyres to build a strong bond between the rubber and sulfur present in them.

Raw Materials

Apart from these chemicals, tyres require certain materials to build a strong base.

Steel Coil

Steel coils are used to make beads and belts of a car tyre. Steel imparts hardness and helps build a strong foundation of the car tyres.


Threads such as polyester and rayon are used in making the beads of a car tyre. These beads give strength to the body ply of Continental Tyres Alton, holding all the belts and beads together.
All of the above-mentioned elements are very important to car tyres. These elements impart durability, strength, and traction to a car tyre. Therefore, you need to know what these elements are. If you want to buy a car tyre, which has superior quality material in them, you should visit We-Fit Auto Centre.