Methods of removing rust from the exhaust pipe

It can be argued that the exhaust system is the most vital system of the vehicle. That is because it plays a major role in ensuring your safety as you drive. The vehicle is an energy-conversion device. When the engine converts the energy from the fuel to move the tyres, a lot of harmful residue gases are released. These gases need to be safely released out of the vehicle to keep the passengers and the driver safe. This is the job of the exhaust system. It processes these harmful gases and converts them into nitrogen and oxygen, then through the exhaust pipe, the gases are released. S

Now, many a time as it happens, the exhaust pipe can develop a coat of rust over it. This can eventually become the cause of untimely wear and also affect your safety. It is important for vehicle-owners to urgently address this issue. You can visit a garage to get it fixed. If not, there are other methods to remove rust yourself. This article focuses on methods that you can yourself employ to clean the rust on the exhaust pipe. You might need to buckle up for shopping and getting shocked because what you are going to read are bizarre but effective methods.

Brillo Pads and Soap

This method is effective if only a small amount of rust has developed on the exhaust pipe. You can use a wet brillo bad and then apply a small amount of pressure to the affected area. This should help you remove any light amount of rust. If you fail to get hold of the brillo pad, then a small piece of steel wool and a bucket of warm soapy water would also do. However, remember that this method can leave scratches on the exhaust pipe. That is why, if you are looking towards an ‘excellent finish’, this might not be the best method for you.


Only if you are worried about scratching the exterior of the exhaust, then taking a piece of old cloth and soaking it in vinegar could be a better option. Vinegar has an acidic tendency. This helps the substance to loosen the particles of rust on the exhaust. However, it is not strong enough to damage the metal of the pipe itself. Therefore, we can safely say that vinegar gives better results. The way to do this is soaking an old rag in vinegar and wrap it around the rusted area of the exhaust. The longer you keep the cloth there, the better the results would be. After you let it rest for a while, just take away the cloth, and wipe it down. The result would be loosened rust and clean exhaust.


What to do if you cannot get hold of white vinegar? A substitute for vinegar is coca-cola. That is because it contains phosphoric acid. Just like vinegar, coca-cola has the capacity to eat the rust particles without damaging the exhaust pipe. You will yield the best results if you remove the whole exhaust and soak it for several hours in a bucket of coca-cola. Once the soaking is done, all you need to do is wipe the pipe down with a wet cloth.

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