Michelin to launch Agilis 3 in 2020

Michelin has always been a centre of consumer trust in terms of tyres. The brand has earned a huge name internationally and is still on the rise. The tyres produced by them are good in quality and are durable. 

When Michelin launches a new product, the consumers are filled with happiness and excitement. The company launched Agilis Crossclimate in 2019 and now they have decided to launch Agilis 3, a new tyre for light vehicles. We are here to elaborate on this new product.  

Michelin has always been reluctant to sustainable mobility. 

Michelin Agilis 3

The new tyre by Michelin is all set to hit the markets. Agilis 3 is a summer tyre. The objective of Michelin is to manufacture tyres that are durable and sustainable. The company’s strategy is to develop cleaner tyre. The tyre has been designed in such a way that it ensures efficient mobility. It aims to use this strategy in manufacturing all of its car and truck Tyres Bilston.

The products manufactured by Michelin are durable and have a long life. The same has been applied to the new Michelin Agilis 3 tyre which ensures better energy organization. 

The weight of this tyre is approximately 1 kg less than its predecessor. The light-weight tyre is environment-friendly as fewer materials are used for the manufacture and also less residue will be left to recycle. Therefore, it saves fuel because of the reduced weight and lesser rolling resistance results. 

Another exciting fact about this product is that it depletes the amount of CO2 emitted by a light commercial vehicle. This occurs approximately over a distance of 20,000 km, as per the results of an in-house test carried by the team. 

Michelin has focused on increasing the tyre’s performance on wet terrains and that is what Agilis 3 does. It provides an efficient and effective braking performance on wet terrains.

With the help of various technologies, Michelin Tyres Bilston has attained impressive outcomes for its new summer tyre designed for light vehicles.

The tyre will be out in the market in April 2020 and will be available in 12 sizes. It will further increase to 24 sizes by the end of July 2020.

Highlights of Michelin Agilis 3:

  • The tyre is made by mixing Silica and carbon black. This improves braking performance and guarantees effective safety until you use the tyre. 
  • Efficient tread blocks and better safety is ensured by this tyre as it has deeper grooves. The grooves of this product are in U-shape. This inflates the land-to-sea ratio by 2 mm of tread depth. 
  • For the first time, Michelin has used a special rubber compound. It has highly resistant to abrasion. A special tread pattern has been induced in this product. This helps in combatting stone retention. 
  • The Michelin Agilis 3 will have sidewall protections made of an extra layer of rubber on the sidewall. It avoids any kind of scrubbing. 

With these added benefits in the Michelin pipeline, the future definitely looks bright. First Point Automotive is known for its wide collection of Michelin tyes you just can’t resist.

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