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Dunlop is not a new name in the tyre industry at all. You must have heard the name, if not then probably you are new to this world of tyres. The advancing tyre manufacturing industry by this time has several names included. Since this is an expanding market, with the demand the supply is increasing too.

But no matter how many new companies join the race, the tough old companies with a history attached to their brand names shall always be on top of the list. Dunlop Tyres Walsall is one such company whose beginning goes long back up to 1889. John B. Dunlop along with some more businessmen started the Dunlop Pneumatic Tyre Company. The foundation of Dunlop Tyres took place in Dublin, the capital of Ireland. Eventually, the company developed and has made its way to become one of the leading tyre brands internationally, in the present time.


As soon as pneumatic tyres became a success, J.B. Dunlop owned the patent to it. They started with bicycle tyres first and then went on to other kinds of tyres. With the stable development of the company, by 1893 they could expand and set up two more production units in Germany, and also in Australia and the USA. In 1898 they had to move to Coventry and finally to Erdington, which is in the proximity of Birmingham. This official establishment is what we now know as the Fort Dunlop.

The Steady Rise

Dunlop tyres were continuously engaged in researching and developing their Tyres Walsall. They also expanded from bicycle tyres to car tyres and many more. The year 1948 saw their new invention called tubeless tyres which also had a speciality. They had a self-sealing layer to prevent any loss of air if the rubber got damaged somehow. You might be surprised to know that in 1954 the company first came up with the aquaplaning formula. This was a milestone for the tyre manufacturing industry and all thanks to this company.

1985 was the year when the Sumitomo Corporation took the manufacturing and marketing rights of the Dunlop Rubber Company. Later in 1997 it also acquired the name ‘Dunlop’ officially for its corporate use. This leads to the naming of its UK subsidiary as the famous ‘Dunlop Tyres Ltd.’. This is the story behind Dunlop Tyres.

Currently, Dunlop Tyres has reached many countries around the globe but has different operators for its distribution. In the case of Australia, New Zealand, North America and Europe, Dunlop Tyres is owned and operated by Goodyear Tyre and Rubber Company.

Sumitomo Rubber Industries operate Dunlop Tyres in Asian countries like China, Japan, Russia, Indonesia, etc. and also in countries like Latin America and Africa. Continental AG since 2012 has owned up Dunlop branded tyres and can market it in Singapore, Brunei and Malaysia.

Speaking of their tyres, there are many amazing models among which Grandtrek AT20, SP Winter Sport 3D DSST ROF are remarkable. For further information, our experts at Central Tyres Walsall are always available. Get in touch with us today.

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