Most Common Problems That Your Tyres Face

The only part of your vehicle that keeps it in contact with the ground is your tyre. Due to this, it is likely to undergo the maximum wearing and other damages caused by external factors like weather conditions. Tyres can cause maximum harm to your vehicles and serve as the root of the biggest problems you might face.

To ensure the safety of your vehicle, you need to get your tyres repaired or replaced at once, after identifying the problem.

A driver is likely to experience the following most common problems with tyres:

1. Over-Inflation and Under-Inflation

Incorrectly inflated tyres can make your them prone to damage and affect their ability to help you drive safely.
• Under-inflated tyres have a larger contact area with the road surface, which increases rolling friction. This significantly lowers fuel efficiency. Underinflation also causes overheating and excessive tyre wear.
• Over-inflated tyres can get severely damaged when hit even moderately. The contact area with the road decreases, which affects the handling capability of your car. It can also reduce the overall lifespan of your tyre. You must monitor the air pressure of your tyre and maintain it properly to make sure you aren’t the cause of your own loss.

2. Cracking and Bulging of tyres

When your tyres hit a pothole or a curb, cracks and bulges might appear in them. These cracks and bulges can further damage the sidewalls of your tyres. This problem is majorly caused due to under or over-inflated tyres. The only option to get rid of cracks and bulges is to get yourself a set of new tyres.

3. Speed Driving

Your tyres stand a greater risk of damage if you are driving at a high speed as compared to driving at lower speeds. Overheating can make you lose control of your vehicle while driving at high speeds. Also, any contact with potholes can result in a higher degree of wearing and other damages.

4. Misalignment of wheels

The most visible hint to know that your tyres are misaligned is uneven wear on both sides. Depending upon the intensity of the wear, a misaligned tyre can be repaired or replaced. Alignment is very necessary to maintain proper traction on the road. It also plays a crucial role in maintaining proper grip and providing better control over your vehicle.

5. Wear and tear of tyres

After a certain time, all the tyres undergo wearing and tearing. You should monitor the depth of the tyre tread, both, to ensure that it is within the legal limit and to guarantee the safety of your vehicle. You must not sacrifice your car’s performance, safety and grip by risking it to the abilities of worn-out tyres. Keep checking the tread depth regularly, to avoid issues before they become disasters. Get your vehicle a set of Dunlop Tyres Bradford to love the thrill every time you hit the gas.

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