Mot And How To Tackle It Effectively?

It is no doubt that as soon as your car starts ageing, you understand the implications and the gravity of having it regularly serviced. It should be checked to make sure that the performance does not degrade. Even though service is crucial for the overall well being of your vehicle, another important thing that your vehicle must go through is the mandatory MOT that makes sure that your vehicle is worthy of being driven on the road. It is important to pass the MOT as, without the passing certificate of the same, your car would not be liable to drive on the roads.

The primary purpose of the MOT authorities is to subject your vehicle to an annual MOT Test to make sure that your and other people’s safety is not compromised. Whether you are buying or selling your vehicle APK Keuring Utrecht, it is important to provide the prospective buyer or seller with the history of your vehicle’s MOT, the same can protect you from a lot of difficult situations and also gives you an edge if you ever go in the market to resell your vehicle. Moreover, it is simply a public offence to drive without a valid MOT certificate.


Till this point, one would probably be very scared and think of an MOT as some sort of school test, failing which can be incredibly easy. Thankfully, that is not the case, the real purpose of an MOT is to determine whether or not your vehicle is safe and being worthy of being driven on the road. The fine that accompanies a failed MOT is to make sure that no driver is driving their car when it has been deemed dangerous and unfit for road conditions. It is important to note that a dangerous vehicle can have a fine of up to twenty-five hundred pounds as well as be impounded in the car lot.

An MOT was launched in the early sixties after a rise of dangerous cases of vehicles were seen on the road. Back then any car that was ten years or even older was supposed to go through a standard test which would test the basic abilities of your car’s components, such that of brakes, lights and steering. However, even though the acronym MOT has stayed despite the absence of the Ministry of Transport, it is important to pass the test. However, in the current times, a severe increase in traffic and the number of vehicles has led to making the MOT a lot more complicated and complex, your car must now pass at least sixty checks to be qualified as a roadworthy vehicle.

Safety Of Your Vehicle And Those On The Roads:

The recent trend shows an increase in cars and the stringent system of rules has now led to make the MOT a compulsory test without which your vehicle is good as a piece of junk. To name a few checks, the MOT Test will check the fuel emissions of your car as the fuel emissions of the vehicle can prove to be quite detrimental to the health of many and even the environment. The exhaust emissions of your vehicle determine the safety of your car and how roadworthy it is of being used on the road. Other small checks include checking lights, brakes, mirrors and other such things. Other important checks are the check of engines and tyres.

What to do before your next mot?

Thanks to technology and internet services, you can now book your next MOT Test through the comfort of your home and at the touch of a finger. The number of vehicle’s registration can help you book this test easily. This is the technical part, what you can do to ensure that your vehicle passes the MOT in one go is to subject your car to regular inspection and checks. Simple checks include checking your lights, which include the front and backlights, checking any warning signs on the dashboard, inspecting your tyres for any leaks, punctures and bad tread. Finally, be sure to top of your oil when you are heading out for your MOT as the garage cannot check your emission levels if it does not have enough oil.

These are just some of the important things one should know about an MOT Test, having this knowledge can only put you in a better light. If you want to know more about what checks one must make before going for their MOT, subscribe to our blog and click on the redirection link.