MOT and Service – What’s the Difference?

With a great car, comes great responsibility. And that responsibility is getting an annual MOT test and servicing. If you own a fab car, then you also need to keep it in good working order. No matter how expensive the vehicle is, even the smallest of issues can diminish its performance. Here in this blog, we answer your most frequently raised queries regarding MOT and service.

1. Do I Need an MOT?

Yes, MOT is a mandatory test for all vehicles as per the UK law. All vehicles older than three years need an annual MOT test. It inspects the vehicle on various parameters such as the condition of your brakes, lights, tyres, etc. to ensure compliance with minimum road safety requirements as set out by the DVSA. Driving without MOT certificate can result in a fine of £1000 and also cost you points on your licence.

2. I Got Mot Done, Do I Need Service Too?

Yes, because MOT alone does not guarantee that your car is at the top of its game. A car service, on the other hand, is recommended at regular intervals to keep your vehicle road-worthy. Many vehicle manufacturers also set out the servicing schedule required to run the vehicle smoothly, increase its lifespan, and maintain its value when you sell.

Car servicing is of three types:

Interim Servicing– This is a 40-point check, done every 6-months for the high mileage car users. Core services are oil and filter change, brake, steering, and suspension checks.

Full Servicing– This is an annual car servicing that covers 69 individual checks and adjustments. It includes a thorough inspection of electrical and mechanical systems, refill of fluids including brake fluid, power steering fluid, oil, and coolant.

Major Servicing– This service is recommended after every two years to inspect all areas of maintenance and replacement parts.

3. How is the MOT Different from Services?

Car servicing is needed for inspecting parts like lights, engine, brakes, suspension, etc. This ensures that your car stays in proper working condition between MOTs because the tester does not take off any inspection covers in MOT. MOT is only a visual inspection. The cost of servicing may be off-putting to some, but avoiding a service can cost a lot more in future. It can help in identifying any issues early on.

Another key difference is that MOT will only test and not tune-up the shortcomings in any worn-off or damaged part. Car service will include all inspections as well as adjustments to avoid any sludge build up.

The Verdict

Both MOT and service are essential for the vehicle. However, handing over your baby for servicing at any random garage should be the last thing in your head. Take it to experienced mechanics like those at Auto Surefit. Here you can find reliable car servicing options, MOT Wolverhampton, authentic tyres, etc. at affordable prices. They serve you from the moment you bring in your vehicle until you drive off the garage.