Mot Changes and Their Implications on Britain’s Car Owners

There are numerous responsibilities of car owners, a significant among which is taking the MOT test when their vehicles turn over 3 years old. For a test devised almost seven decades ago, the MOT still holds immense relevance in ensuring road safety as well as environmental safeguards.

In most automobile quarters in Britain, MOT is almost feared and not without good reasons. Over a third of the vehicles that take their MOT consistently fail the test at the first attempt. Even seemingly spick and span vehicles often fail to clear this test because of some obscure issue that the owner was not even aware of.

In this blog, we will take a look at some of the recent changes made to the framework of this test.

Changes in MOT

Come May, and it’ll be one full year since some significant changes were made to the basic structure of MOT. We will go over these changes in some details to understand the impact they will have on an average car owner taking his or her MOT test in Kenilworth.

When Age is A Boon

The new rules state that any car that is over 40 years old does not need an MOT certificate. Hurray for all the vintage car owners!

Previously, this threshold was set for cars registered before 1960, due to which over 197,000 vehicles were exempt from this test. The new rule will add a further 293,000 vehicles (approx.) to that list taking the number excruciatingly close to half a million. That’s about 1% of all vehicles registered within the UK.

The new age exemption is based on two assumptions. Firstly, classic cars are almost always well-maintained by their owners. If someone is taking the trouble of keeping a 40-year-old car, which in itself is a costly and delicate affair, it’s unlikely that they’ll neglect its upkeep.

Secondly, classic cars are rarely driven regularly. They serve more of an exhibition purpose rather than a practical one.

Diesel Cars Beware

Stricter emission rule befell diesel cars with these new changes. If the Diesel Particulate Filter or DPF is broken, damaged or altered in any way, your vehicle will not clear its MOT Test Kenilworth.

New Categories Alert

The new rules also specify a change in the categories that vehicles will fall under after the inspection:

  • Minor

  • Major

  • Dangerous

Minor faults are excusable. You’ll be allowed to drive away if your car registers only minor flaws during the test.

Major faults warrant a little more attention. You won’t clear your test if there’s a major fault. You have to get them repaired and re-take the test. The sooner you do that, the better for you.

Dangerous issues need attention on an urgent basis. The test centre is not allowed to release the car until those faults are rectified. Garages like Crackley Garage perform the necessary MOT repairs and release the vehicle typically within a day

These new changes are keeping in tune with the times. It’s every car owner’s responsibility to take note of these changes and prepare their cars accordingly.

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