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Every year your car requires a check – in the UK this procedure is known as MOT. But what exactly happens during this test? What if your car fails? How much do you need to pay? In this article, we explain all you need to know about MOTs.

What exactly is the MOT test?


The MOT Birmingham test is a yearly safety check for all types of cars. It guarantees that they are safe, roadworthy and that they meet exhaust and environmental emissions standards.

Only qualified testers and selected garages can put different components of your car through their machines to verify whether they are road-worthy.

These repair shops are approved test facilities, and you can fi

MOT Birmingham

nd about twenty thousand of them throughout the United Kingdom. Just look for the blue placard with three triangles shown on-site to demonstrate their authenticity.

What MOT stands for?

MOT is an acronym for the Ministry of Transportation. They initially created this test to determine whether a vehicle was safe and reliable to be driven on the streets.

Even though this ministry does not exist anymore as it was merged into another department, the MOT is a mandatory examination for all vehicles in the UK.

Which vehicles require an MOT?    

Once a car is more than three years, it officially needs to take an MOT examination each year and possess a valid certificate, which is given to you if it approves the test.

Nevertheless, some cars need this test after one year. Among these are taxis as well as private passenger vans with at least nine seats. As these vehicles have to be on the streets more often, and their internal state affect other people, the test needs to be carried out more often to assist in keeping emissions standards.

There are numerous exemptions for the MOT, including:

Classic vehicles built over fifty years ago, and that has no significant modifications over the past thirty years.


In places like Northern Ireland, cars do not need their first test until they are more than five years old.

Decent vehicles that function on electricity and that are registered before March 2015.

Why do cars need the MOT test?    

Your car legally requires a valid certificate to be allowed in the streets. If your car does not have one, you will receive a penalty of around £1,000.

Plus, you cannot legally park or drive your car if your license is invalid. And if you decide to do it, you can be prosecuted.

The MOT help guarantees that your car is safe, and everything works in order. This will not only ensure that you are protected but also your passengers and other drivers.

Can you use your car without passing the MOT?

It is totally illegal to use your vehicle without a valid certificate.

But there are some exceptions to this rule. These include:

Driving your car to a:

Official test facility to get its MOT.

Garage to repair it.

How to get an MOT?

First, you have to book a date for your MOT, remember that your car needs to be at least three years old.

If your car is already more than three years, it will require an MOT before its annual anniversary.

These are an estimate of the maximum amount that the official centres can charge you for the MOT:

Cars – £54.85

Motorcycles – £29.65

Three-wheeled cars (450kg) – £54.85

Three-wheeled cars (450kg) – £37.80

If your car fails its test it can be tested again at the very same centre.

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