MOT Fails That Say A Lot About Your Poor Car Maintenance

Your car failing annual MOT can say a lot about your car maintenance. MOT is done every year for cars to ensure they are following all the safety regulations and emission levels. Failing to do so, you could be categorised into three levels and, if an issue is a major one, your car could even be suspended for months or a whole year. MOT fails happen due to some silly mistakes that could have been easily averted.

Again, your car failing the MOT test is a sign that you are not staying on top of the issues it is facing, and maintenance is not done properly. MOT will cover all the areas of your vehicle; therefore, there are so many ways by how you could fail them. Find below a list of MOT fails and do proper maintenance to avoid them in the future.

Uneven Tyre Tread and Old Tyres 

Vauxhall MOT Northampton will conduct all kinds of tests to ensure your tyres are in great condition. Tyres wear out with age and, after a certain period, at an average of 8-10 years, they should be replaced. Tyres are a huge reason behind cars failing their tests due to several reasons:

  • Uneven tyre tread
  • Under-inflated tyres
  • Cracks and holes
  • Wrongly aligned wheels and a lot more.

You have to be careful when conducting tyre inspection and maintenance. Tyres are your only contact with the road and ensure your safety.

Car Suspension Fail Equals To Jeopardizing Your Safety 

Faulty suspensions can become the culprit behind you failing your MOT test. Without suspension, your car cannot function and will endanger your life and that of your passengers. Cars and bikes are not strangers to bad road conditions, potholes and bumps; however, they negatively impact your vehicle.

Damaged suspension drastically affects the tyres alongside the wheel alignment. Suspension inspection is not easy, especially by an amateur driver. Expert help is necessary to diagnose and resolve any issues as soon as possible. This is where annual car maintenance subscriptions come into play right before MOT.

Lights Not Performing Effectively 

This might seem like a negligible problem; however, a large percentage of cars fail their MOT due to this one. Blown bulbs for both car interior and exterior can cause you to fail your MOT. Seek help from your friend who could successfully help you check the light and do it at night.

Check everything, including the indicators, the rear lights, the brake lights, the fog lights and others. Staying on top of your bulb inspection can help you avoid any big issue.

Your Brake Pads Are In Dire Need Of Replacement 

One out of ten MOT failures happens due to issues with car brakes. The spongy pedal-like feel is the biggest issue you will face with brakes. Another problem would be the car going left and right while applying brakes. This deduces that brake pads should be immediately replaced. Similar to how you do annual maintenance for suspension, the same should be done for brakes.

Being able to see the road properly while driving is important to avoid any haphazard turns, and this could get difficult with cracked windshields. MOT experts will check your brakes, the windshield, the windscreen washers alongside the pump too.

Some other car maintenance you could do would be the fuel efficiency alongside the exhaust, the steering wheel as it is considered one of the most crucial car components.

Seek professional help who will conduct a thorough inspection looking at both the car structure and the internal car components.

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