MOT Figures Reveal that Absence of Basic Maintenance Causes Most Failures

According to a recent report compiled by the DVSA, almost 50% of the faults found during MOT examinations are easy avoidable with the help of simple maintenance and periodic checks. They collected the types of issues that caused a failure in MOT across this country, and items like lights and signalling came to the top of the count by causing almost 18.9% examinees to fail during the test. It shows that the lengthy re-examination process can be easily avoided by maintaining only a few aspects.

Unavoidable issues?

While the issues causing a failure in MOT may seem unavoidable, careful and periodic maintenance on the driver’s part is sure to eliminate most, if not all, of it. Moreover, hundreds of reliable car service garages offer services like MOT repair in Derby and across the nation. So, anything sinister like the brakes and suspension malfunction can be efficiently dealt with the help of these trained professionals.

The DVSA has compiled a comprehensive list that car owners can follow to stay safe during their daily commute and avoid failing in an MOT in Derby. This list includes –

  • Brakes – Car brakes should work smoothly without excessive vibrations when applied. It should also not ‘pull’ the vehicle to one side. Such issues indicate a severe malfunction with its system that can put both driver and passenger at risk. It is advised to avail an MOT repair in Derby as soon as such issues occur.
  • Tyres – Tyres should have the recommended level of air pressure. The outer casing should not have any cuts or bulges and should have at least 1.6mm of tread depth.
  • Lights – Headlights and other warning indicators should work correctly. Any broken bulb should be replaced at once, and care must be taken to ensure they match in colour and intensity.
  • Driver’s view – The driver should have an unobstructed view of the road from inside their car’s cabin. Any damage on the glass, stickers, toys, or any such items blocking the view should be discarded.

An annual inspection of the condition of a vehicle and MOT repair in Derby or anywhere else in the UK should be an adequate preventive measure to avoid a failure in the test. There are several reputed car service garages, like Motor Wurks, that offer such services.


In some cases, you might have to go for a partial MOT retest to show that your vehicle is roadworthy. This service is completely free of charge, provided you availed the necessary MOT Repair in Derby at the test centre and retested the automobile within ten working days.

One can also take their vehicle to their preferred garage for the repair. However, in this case, one should have a valid MOT certificate to drive their cars on the road. Exceptions include taking a vehicle to get it detected problems fixed or taking it for a pre-arranged MOT test appointment. In both cases, the automobile should meet the minimum standard of roadworthiness at all times. Otherwise, one might have to pay a hefty fine.