MOT – Lesser Known Facts about the Mandatory Annual Test

The MOT test is a mandatory annual test conducted by the DVSA, which checks for a vehicle’s roadworthiness and safety. Any car older than three years is required by law to take and clear the test every year to ensure it is safe for British roads.

The MOT guidelines have seen several revisions since its introduction in the early ’60s. The latest and probably one of the most significant of them all happened on 20th May 2018. DVSA overhauled several regulations, and although all of them were intended to make the British roads a safer place for drivers and passengers, it created some confusion amongst the car owners.

So, let’s straighten out the confusion, and take a look at some of the key aspects you should know before, during, and after you take your vehicle for an MOT test in Spalding or anywhere else in the UK.

  • Cost –

The Government fixes the expenses to an MOT test. As of August 2018, a test can cost a maximum of £54.85. Garages cannot charge you more than that amount only for a test.

However, any repair work conducted after a test will cost you extra. The severity of that issue might require you to repair it in the testing garage itself, which may incur additional charges. Also, any retest done in the next working day will be billed accordingly.

  • It’s not a repair work –

Passing in an MOT check in Spalding or anywhere else in the UK merely renders your vehicle safe for everyday use, it does not test the critical components of your car for an issue. A technician will check only the basic safety parameters under an MOT, excluding brakes, engine, transmission, and some other critical components.

Even if you get a VT20 certificate, you should take your car for its periodic servicing. Ideally, you should get an interim service every 6 months or 6,000 miles. You can also perform some basic maintenance like tyre pressure check, oil and water level check by yourself.

  • Not all garages are authorised to take a test –

Garages need proper licensing, training, and registration to conduct MOT tests. Registered garages will have the appropriate documentation and will be listed in the official list of the DVSA. Make sure you check the list and take your car to a registered garage like Matmore Motors for an MOT test in Spalding. You can also get various other types of car services and repairs at their garage.

  • Losing an MOT certificate –

You can apply and create a duplicate copy of your MOT certificate in case of misplacements. You won’t have to go for another test if it’s only a one year since you lost the existing MOT papers. Head over to an MOT testing garage in Spalding and apply for a new certificate; show them your car’s V5 permits and they will fetch the details of the last test from the official web portal and issue a new certificate. It would cost around £10.

  • Advisory notices should be addressed ASAP –

Advisory notices point out issues that may become severe if not repaired within time. You will be allowed to use your vehicle, but the tester will “advice” your to repair them as soon as possible.

If you do not mend these issues before the next MOT check in Spalding, your vehicle will fail the test.

These are some of the lesser known facts every car owner in the UK should know about an MOT test. Keeping these aspects in mind will help you abide by the legal regulations and stay safe while driving.

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