MOT & Roadworthiness – Know the Difference Prior to Your MOT Test

It’s August already! Have you taken the MOT test?

Well, it is that time of the year when your four-wheeler makes its way to the nearest auto garage to get its MOT test done. Moreover, with the new reforms in place since 20th May 2018, MOT has been the talk of the town.

Worried? Don’t be! Have a look at the new-fangled inclusions brought about by the Ministry of Transport this year. Know them before heading for an MOT test in Northampton.

The truth of MOT legalities –

For your vehicle to be eligible for the roads of Great Britain, two distinct categories require completion – valid MOT and roadworthiness. While you may think of them being interdependent, each has its requirements.

  1. A vehicle may be new and roadworthy but may not be the holder of an MOT certificate.
  2. A vehicle may have an MOT certificate but may not be roadworthy due to the presence of a defect (occurred after the MOT test).

So, with reliable auto garages like Jackson MOT Centre already upgrading their testing directives, it may be worthwhile to grasp these intricacies.

Minor defects and its effects –

Mechanical ailments, which are unlikely to prove to be life-threatening for commuters, can be termed as minor defects and will pass an MOT test conveniently. These include:

  • Fluctuating headlights and tail lamps.
  • Power steering ailments such as a faulty turning radius of more than 75mm (wheel diameter <500mm) or more than 87mm (wheel diameter >500mm).
  • Faulty underbody load distribution.
  • Partially damaged ignition or exhaust system.
  • Minor tyre wear.

Note: While minor defects may not cause your vehicle to fail an MOT test in Great Britain, mending them at the earliest is highly recommended.

Alarming major defects –

Vehicular damage (internal or external) that may prove to be life-threatening for commuters gets the tag of dangerous or major defects. In addition to failing an MOT test, your vehicle will receive an illegal tag.

These major defects include:

  1. Brakes

More than 20% area of the calliper to disk ratio has grease or oil contamination or incurs rust on both sides of the plate. Additionally, the absence of safety valves in traction trucks will also cause an MOT failure.

  1. Suspension

If more than 75% of a leaf spring is cracked or has cracking intersections or a pneumatic suspension ball is missing from its desired place, it will lead to failure in the test.

Such damages are sure to fail in an MOT test Northampton or elsewhere, transpiring your vehicle illegal. So, you may still be driving around in your ‘dangerous’ car, but be ready to pay significant fines if a cop crosses your path.

In this respect, auto garages like Jackson’s MOT Centre Northampton are already aware of the necessary changes to include in the new MOT standards stated by the Ministry of Transport, Great Britain. So, get your MOT test done and keep your four wheeler road levy.