MOT Test of the Windscreen, Why Did Your Car Fail?

When going in for an MOT test of the windscreen, the standard requires the following things to be in order else your car can fail the test:

  • The visibility through the windscreen should be at its optimum.

  • The visibility through the windscreen of the car is checked. Too many scratches on the windscreen or damage which hinders the visibility can be the cause for a failed MOT.

Others reasons that can lead to your car failing the MOT test are:

  • Satellite -navigation systems in the windscreen,

  • air freshers or trinkets hanging from the mirror which can obstruct the driver’s view.

The bonnet of the car will be checked to ensure that there is no danger of it flying up while the vehicle is in motion, obstructing the driver’s view. The tester will also check for damage to the windscreen, which may be enough to hamper visibility. The ORVMs will be checked to ensure they are usable and, not inadequate in any way. Discolouring, tinting of the car’s windscreen is also not allowed and can be grounds for failure in the test.

If you want to make sure that there are no grounds for objections by the tester then remove all taxi signs, official stickers (parking disabled) and dysfunctional wipers are removed and changed as need be. To make sure that your car is MOT Wednesbury compliant take it to Premier Tyres Plus.

Now that we have the windscreen in order, let us look at other things that will be checked during the MOT.

The View to the Rear

The view to the rear of the car is also checked in a windscreen MOT. It should fulfil the following criteria to be able to clear the test:

  • The ORVM (outside rear-view mirrors) are functional.

  • The rear-view mirror inside the cabin is functional and gives a good view of the rear of the car.

  • Cameras, if any are functional.

The Windscreen Wipers

The windscreen wipers are checked for the following:

  • Are they functional?

  • Are they cleaning the expected area on the windscreen?

  • The condition of the wiper blades

If the windscreen wipers fail to meet the standard or are unable to perform their function, they may be the reason behind a failed MOT.

Last but not least,

The Windscreen Washers

The windscreen washers are also checked. They should be capable of providing enough fluid to the windscreen to enable its effective cleaning by the wipers.

All these things may seem trivial when we think about the consequences of failing an MOT test. But we should keep in mind that these minor things can sometimes lead to major problems.

To make sure your car is fully MOT compliant visit MOT Bilston. Getting the MOT of your car is not only legally binding but also important to make sure that your car is not a safety hazard. Also, don’t let old and ageing tyres let you down in the MOT test; take them to Premier Tyres Plus to get the best deals on tyres.