Need for Optimum Tyre Pressure

Tyres are for cars what trust is for a relationship. You can’t have a good relationship if you don’t trust your partner or vice versa. Similarly, cars depend on tyres to provide them with mobility. Anything that affects the trust between a couple is sure to create issues between them. Likewise, if the tyres are not in proper condition, they are sure to face wearing issues.

The most common reason for the faster wearing of tyres is low air pressure in them. Tyres are supposed to be air-tight but this isn’t the case always. Some amount of air escapes the tyres and causes deflation over time. This can cause several issues and result in a decree in the performance level of the car.

First, let’s discuss what is the adequate amount of air pressure and its importance.

Optimum Tyre Pressure

Optimum tyre pressure is the amount of air needed in your tyres to ensure that you have a smooth and comfortable drive without damaging your tyres. Different cars can have different tyre pressures and, therefore, you should go with the recommended air pressure by your car’s manufacturer.


Inadequate amount of air can lead it to change its shape and not support the car properly. Under-inflation also results in increasing the area of contact between the tyre and the road surface. This results in the faster wearing of the tyres due to extra resistance. Your car also needs more power to counter the extra friction that your tyres are facing, therefore, fuel-efficiency goes down as well.

That’s not all.

Your tyres are also responsible to provide for smooth drives, which won’t be the case any more due to the lack of optimum air pressure.

Ignore it a bit longer, and you can be sure to have damaged suspension parts as well.

What is the Optimum Air Pressure of your Car

  • You can refer to the owner’s manual of your car to know the manufacturer’s recommendation for your tyres.

  • You can refer to the sticker on the driver-side door to know the recommended air pressure of your car.

  • The sticker can also be found inside the fuel cap of your vehicle.

Points to Ponder On

  • Make sure that all your tyres are filled with the same amount of air and are as per the manufacturer’s recommendation.

  • After filling up the air, make sure that it retains the pressure.

  • Check the valve for any leaks or damages. It is best if you use a cap and avoid the minute chance of air leak as well.

  • If you maintain your tyres and they’re still wearing faster than usual, you might be facing some other issue. Get your car inspected as soon as possible to avoid any extensive damage.

  • If you observe a drop in fuel-efficiency, tyres could be the leech sucking it up.

Maintain your tyres Wheatley like you’d maintain trust with your partner, with care. Ignorance towards them is similar to a guillotine stuck on a single thread. It can come down at any moment and let you know what you’ve messed up.

If you’re facing any tyre-related issues, or have queries about it, contact us at Phillips Tyres. Our proficient experts will be more than happy to help you. They are well versed with all the tips and tricks required to maintain a tyre Bicester and prolong its expected life-span.

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