Nexen Tyres to the Rescue of Your Car!

Although there are millions of brands in the market when it comes to car tyres, there’s none like the Nexen tyres. Their reliable services have proved to be remarkable and impressive over the years.

You probably had no idea that this manufacturer was initially named “Woosung”, and then, they changed their brand name to “Nexen.” Later, they were awarded for the brilliant use of technology in manufacturing rubber silicate tyres. Clearly, Nexen has made its way into the industry, leaving a significant impact on the market.

So, if your car needs the right wheels, Superior Cars tyres Northampton from the house of Nexen can certainly be your pick to enjoy smooth drives.

However, Maintenance of Your Car Tyres Northampton is Essential!

Now, once you get your Nexen tyres, you need to maintain and keep monitoring them regularly. Here are a few things you should keep in mind to take care of those brand new tyres:

  • Proper Inflation: Once you buy the new tyres at Northampton from Nexen, go through your car manual. Find out the recommended pressure for your car and do not inflate the tyres more than that, if you want to get the best performance out of the tyres.
  • Check if They are Worn Out: Always keep an eye on the tyres and notice if they are worn out and need repair. It’s not safe to drive with such condition of tyres.
  • Any Damage: Check for any damage to your existing tyres. If they need to be changed, you can buy Cheap Tyres in Northampton from reputed workshops like Superior Cars who deal in authentic Nexen products.
  • Monitor the Pressure: If you see the system is warning the pressure on your tyres, refer to the rules and regulations of your vehicle’s manual immediately.
  • Don’t Mount: Do not try to mount if you are new to handling these tyres from Northampton. Because of the complicated process and pressurised nature of your car tyres, improper procedures can get you seriously injured.
  • No Overloading: Not even by mistake, you should overload your vehicle ever. If the load it beyond its capacity, the tyres will be under lots of stress and might not function properly.
  • Tread Depth and Wheel Alignment: If the tread depth is reduced to 1mm, get it fixed immediately because driving that car will be risky. Coming to the wheel alignment, check if it’s placed correctly so that the tyres are balanced well, and your vehicle is safe to be driven.
  • Replace if Required: If the need be, you should replace your existing ones preferably with Nexen tyres. However, make sure to buy tyres at Northampton only from reliable garages.

Here are Some Additional Guidelines for You:

  1. While installing the tyres, make sure they fit with the perfect alignment and lug combination.
  2. Never place the non-radials and radials on one axle.
  3. Always install the tyres in a set of four.
  4. Do not divert from your speed ratings. If you plan to install different ones, the least you can do is fit them in pairs on one axle.
  5. Last but not the least, it’s always better to take it to a reputed garage where experts are available to guide you throughout.

Hope this information was helpful. If you think your car tyres need repair or replacement, look no further; get the Nexen tyres at Northampton right away!

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