Old is Gold: A Vintage Car Maintenance Tips Workbook

Many owners of old cars have a sentimental value attached to their buggy. Moreover, it’s always comfortable to drive an old one with all of its quirks known to you.

So, why not take proper care of your old vehicle and keep it running for long!Although cars which are over 30 years old do not require taking BMW MOT Northampton, you’ll do well to keep it in the best possible condition for better road safety and driving comfort.



Follow these guidelines to ensure an even longer life of your beloved vintage car.

Keep Driving

Taking your car for a good run on the highway once or twice a week will shake off any moisture accumulation in the exhaust and oil. Going for a run also keeps your car’s battery from dying. Also, it’s a good idea to go as a passenger in your vehicle while letting someone else drive. Getting behind the wheels can sometimes make you miss an unusual noise or vibration in the car.

Keep It Clean

The biggest charm of an old car is how it looks. Keep your vehicle clean with a microfiber mitt and towel. It will also help you notice any scratches on the body along with any need for repair. If you take it for a professional wash, go for one that uses humans for the purpose and not machines. Old cars need tender washing and machine wash may do it more harm than good.

Change the Oil

How frequently? It is best to follow your manufacturer’s guide for the change. Also, it is essential to choose between regular and synthetic oil. If your car has been running for long on regular oil, filling it with the synthetic variant may result in leaks.

Maintain the Cool

Modern antifreeze mixtures run for long, but over time they turn acidic and cause issues with the cooling system. Take it for a frequent check of the antifreeze level, and fill accordingly. Flush out the old one and fill in with fresh coolant. It will help keep your car engine working efficiently for longer.

 Keep a ‘Timing’ Check

Your car engine’s timing belt wears out with time. There are chances you won’t notice its existence till it breaks. By then, it would have caused irreparable damage to the engine. Therefore, a timing belt switch is necessary. You may find the recommended interval between two changes in your user’s manual.

Tend to the Tyres

It is advisable to check the tyre’s pressure at frequent intervals as the pressure tends to diminish with time. Lower inflation will cause the tyres to wear early. Also, take it for tyre rotation to a nearby garage, like Superior Cars, where you can even get them replaced by expert mechanics with new Tyres Northampton.

Get That Repair Right Away

Since old cars are relatively fragile after a long service life, any issue with the components needs immediate fixing. If prolonged, it can lead to a significant expense on replacements. So, why wait? Take it for a repair as soon as any problem is detected.

Keep that old classic in a flaw less condition.Ride with pride!

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