Part Worn Tyres and the Rules

The very common question that tyre purchasers ask is about the reliability of the part worn tyres. As the name goes, it is self-explanatory what a part-worn tyre is. These are nothing but partly worn tyres of other cars that are rejected by them for some reasons and are available in the market as second-hand tyres.

There are so many second-hand things that we use in our daily lives and they are not bad all the time.

Similarly, the reliability of the Part Worn Tyres Coventry cannot be generalised and is a subjective matter, that is to say in simple terms, it depends.

Let us know a little more in detail about these partially used tyres.

Dangers Associated with It

There are some serious issues regarding the use of such part worn tyres as these are rejected ones. The basic thought that shall come into one’s mind on thinking about it is why were they rejected? No one rejects a good set of tyres just like that as tyres are expensive. So there is enough risk in relying on these tyres as you can be deceived by the seller.

Then there is the problem of illegal traders who have flooded the market of part worn tyres. It is not that simple to figure out a genuine dealer of second-hand tyres. These deceiving traders who do the illegal business of such tyres are usually not following the safety regulations enforced by the Motor Vehicle Tyres Regulations according to the 1994 amendment.

Since different countries have a different limit for tread depth of a tyre the selling of part worn tyres is possible. Germany for an instance has the minimum limit of 3mm whereas the UK has the limit set at 1.6mm so rejected tyres from Germany can be sold here in the UK. But the illegal traders, sometimes, even tamper with the limit details and sell dangerous part worn tyres.


The Motor Vehicle Tyres (Safety) Regulations have mentioned some particular rules that need to be followed by the dealers of part worn tyres. Not following them is a punishable offence.

The rules are as follows:

The structure of these part worn tyres cannot be deformed in any way to be resold in the market. This is the first important rule. Sometimes there are cases in which tyres have bulges, lumps or cracks either internally or externally and sometimes even in both. It is strictly prohibited that such tyres cannot be used in cars under any circumstance. If any plies or chords are found to be exposed then those tyres cannot be sold.

It is also imperative that the part worn tyres coventry still have enough grooves in their tread that should be discernible as without them the tyre can be hazardous on-road. Also, retreading is suggested in cases of part worn tyres which shall ensure the safety of the car and its passengers.

All of these rules have been enforced for the safety of all drivers and passengers and also for maintaining a safe traffic condition on the road.

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