Passenger tyres by Michelin you should buy

Tyre companies try their best to serve customers with the utmost care and satisfaction. The top brands are ruling the hearts of millions of customers with their dedication and excellent tyres. Michelin tyre company falls in the same category. The brand has achieved a respected name and place in the tyre manufacturing industry.


Passenger tyres by Michelin

A passenger tyre set should be able to provide comfortable and smooth drives, no matter what the road or weather condition is. You may easily get a Mobile Tyre Fitting Birmingham near you to buy the best Michelin models suitable for you. Here is a list of top passenger tyres sold by this company.

Michelin CrossClimate+: The tyre has been designed for different road conditions. You can use it in both the major seasons. It delivers smooth braking and handling on dry as well as wet roads. You can expect excellent grip in summers and winters with the CrossClimate +. Rigid and specially designed tread blocks ensure a strong grip. The tyre provides outstanding mileage and lasts 11,000 miles longer than most competing brands.

Michelin Primacy 4: The EverGrip technology has been employed to ensure a strong and steady grip on the wet roads. This keeps you safe from aquaplaning and road hazards. The MaxTouch Construction increases contact with the road for better experience and safety. The Tyres Birmingham is also equipped with a unique tread wear indicator feature. Now you’ll know when the tyre needs to be replaced.

Michelin Pilot Sport 4: The tyre offers extremely good handling performance. It is efficiently reactive due to the involvement of Dynamic Response technology. This creates a better response system between the tyre and steering. The presence of silica and elastomers makes this tyre perfectly suitable for wet roads. The tread pattern is equipped with longitudinal grooves to avoid aquaplaning.

Michelin Pilot Super Sport: The USP of this tyre is the presence of the Twaron Belt, which ensures better stability. You get an efficient grip while going straight and cornering as well. The dual-compound technology uses two different kinds of rubber on the outer and inner tread. This enables you to achieve better performance.

Why choose Michelin?

Quality: The company uses optimum quality material for manufacturing its tyres. Their tyres last long and provide the performance you would expect. Rubber, carbon black, and silica used in their products are of excellent quality.

Warranty: Michelin tyres come with a long warranty and that’s the reason behind their customers’ trusting them. You can peacefully enjoy your drives without the tension of major tyre damages.

Long-lasting: As the tyres are made of good quality material, they eventually last long. Michelin tyres don’t wear down prematurely or unevenly unless you are habitual to rash driving. The tyres can easily last for up to 6 years.

Latest technologies: Michelin employs the latest and innovative technologies in making its products. From noise reduction technology to grip-enhancing, the company has a solution for all the tyre related problems. The involvement of the technologies makes these tyres more efficient and long lasting.

Wide range of products: The company has a stock of different types of tyres. From seasonal tyres to On and Off-road ones, they have a huge stock. You can select from a long list of the tyres offered by Michelin.

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