Peep into the Details about Every Aspect of Tyre Upsizing

For aesthetics, Tyre Up-sizing is one common technique of customization. On its handling, design and performance, a direct impact is put by tyres of a vehicle. A charismatic effect is given to the vehicles by tyre up-sizing. Before looking forward to getting tyre up-sizing done, you must look into the details about the aspects of this technique.


  • Braking: Strengthening the complete braking system, the size up-gradation offers a better patch contact.
  • Handling: The tread width is increased by maximising the size of the Pirelli Tyres High Wycombe. As the walls’ side is made stiffer now, this enhances handling and cornering.
  • Aesthetics: the overall aesthetics of the vehicle is affected by the tyres, specifically in vehicles of utility. The sturdiness feature of the vehicle is enhanced by this.

Should you go for upsizing?

Yes, you must absolutely prefer tyre up-sizing! One can be convinced to prefer upsizing if a vehicle’s aesthetic is considered. However, before up-sizing, proper care must be taken by vehicle owners. For selecting the correct tyres for your vehicle, it is suggested to take the advice of a professional.

The various techniques of up-sizing

  • The Plus Two Method: You are implementing the plus two methods if the diameter has an increase of two inches with a reduced aspect ratio.
  • The Plus One Method: As compared to the factory-fitted tyre, there is an increase of one inch in the overall diameter with a reduced aspect ratio in this method.
  • The plus Zero Method: As compared to the factory-fitted tyre, the new tyre with a reduced aspect ratio has a wider section width in this method. However, the tyre diameter remains constant.

Other things to focus on while up-sizing tyres

Free movement: ensuring that the car body doesn’t make any contact with the tyres, it is the most crucial factor to be considered during up-sizing of Tyres High Wycombe. Cars are designed such that they are compatible with certain tyre sizes and maximizing these limits will make the car body rub against the tyres.

Proportional width and sidewall: The sidewalls should be reduced proportionally if one prefers to go with a larger width tyre. Similarly, the tyre width should be reduced if one chooses a high profile tyre.

Effect on suspension system: The vehicle’s suspension is adversely affected by upsizing. A maximum load limit is fixed for suspension system of every car and taking the car weight ahead of the limit can cause major performance problems. For the vehicle’s suspension, low profile tyres are softer and bad.

Holding capacity: It is essential to note that as compared to factory-fitted tyres, the load-bearing capacity of the new tyre is equal or greater. Causing accidents, the tyres can burst due to overloading of cars beyond the capacity.

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