Performance Beyond Age – Pirelli Introduces a Range of Tyres for Vintage Cars

There is nothing more stylish than driving around the town with the top-down, in a shiny red 1959 California Ferrari Spyder. That panache is something no modern vehicle can ever offer. Nevertheless, there is a catch.

These cars are called vintage for a reason. Although these companies still exist, they stopped making those models long ago. As days pass, finding spares for these vintage cars is becoming nearly impossible. However, there is still a company who makes products to keep the spirit going.

The first thing that comes to mind when someone hears ‘Pirelli’ is sleek, wide tyres fitted to a fast car. Yes, they make tyres for some of the fastest road cars, yet, they also cater to the collectors and vintage car owners.

Pirelli has an entire range of tyres targeted towards classic cars. The Collezione, as it is called, implements the same technology used in the vehicle at the time of its manufacture to retain its original performance. They make a host of models, from tyres made for cars of the early ‘50s, to cars of the late ’70s. With the combination of modern technology and classic performance, these have become a showstopper.

Top-Of-The-Line and Elegant –

Only a true automobile enthusiast can understand the value of something that paved the way for modern vehicles. To keep those machines alive, Pirelli uses the most modern technology to make tyres that offer excellent road grip.

Take Pirelli CN36 for example. It fits on Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Lotus, Ferrari, Mercedes, and many more, and is equipped with steel belts to bring out the excellent performance of those machines. Whether you use these as your car tyres in Bicester or London, you will get that classic high-speed handling precision and low-speed elegance.

Modern Technology with a Classical Philosophy –

If you own something older, like from the mid 50’s and early 60’s, the CORSA classic range is what you need for your car. The tyre structure and tread pattern is state of the art, while its design is kept unchanged for that retro look. Such combination mixes the appearanceof the old tyres with the performance of a modern one.

This particular model comes in summer or dry version, and monsoon or wet version. The summer model is identifiable by its sleeker profile and asymmetrical treads running along its grooves. It’s perfect for your next long drive.

The wet version, on the other hand, comes with deeper and larger grooves, more treads, and sidewall to sidewall patterns. Pirelli promises outstanding structural durability with maximum road safety with these particular models.

For The Golden Age of Automobiles –

If you are looking for something for you Jaguar XJ40, your search just came to an end. Back in 1977, Pirelli was asked to custom make a tyre for the brand new Jaguar car. The British company wanted something comfortable, quiet, and long-lasting for their luxury car. The Cinturato P5 was a result of that.

The world-renowned tyre manufacturer kept its customers’ suggestion in mind and created something for the rarest of the vehicles. The best part is that you can get them anywhere in the UK! With Pirelli’s long line of retailers, their products are available in everycar service garage of the country. You can take your car to any reputed car service garage, for example, to Phillips Tyres Bicester and get the perfect set of tyres for your vehicle. visit our

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