Prepare Yourself for Winters with Winter Tyres

When the winter season arrives, car drivers have to be prepared for the challenges related to cold weather.

If you drive your vehicle in the UK and want some help to cope with severe winter conditions, our blog will provide reliable information about your preparations.

Buying winter tyres is an important part of your preparation when winter is near.

Winter tyres are an important type of seasonal tyres that is used widely to face cold conditions. These tyres are popular since they are extremely beneficial for drivers due to their ultra-effective features.

What are Winter Tyres?

Winter tyres are specially designed for cold conditions when the temperature is extremely low. These tyres show optimum performance on slippery and wet surfaces. Similarly, winter tyres show optimum performance on the dry surface when the temperature is less than 7DegreesC. Winter tyres are appropriate for the rainy season as well since they are good at dispersing standing water.

How are Winter Tyres Different From Summer Tyres?

Winter tyres have deeper grooves and increased sipes that are efficient in displacing water on wet surfaces. Moreover, the tread pattern in winter tyres can bite into snow effectively.

Winter tyres are manufactured with the help of a special rubber compound with more silica to make them soft at low temperature.

Blocks in winter tyres are made to vibrate when you are driving the car. It means extra snow on the tyres will be shaken out easily.

Using Winter Tyres In The Summer Season

Winter tyres are not recommended in the summer season. This is because winter tyres are made for cold weather. Therefore, it makes no sense if we use them for warmer weather.

Experts say that if you use your winter tyres in warmer weather conditions, they will wear out faster. If means by using winter tyres in the summer months, you will reduce the lifespan of your winter tyres.

Moreover, winter tyres would not provide perfect grip in the summer months. So, you have no benefits from winter tyres in warmer weather.

Therefore, whenever you think the temperature is going up, you have to remove your winter tyres.

Legal Requirements For Winter Tyres In The Uk

You are not legally obliged to use winter tyres in the UK. However, in the countries like Germany, drivers need to use winter tyres in the winter season.

In the UK, winter conditions are usually moderate. So, the decision of using winter tyres depends on the driver’s choice.

Only Winter Tyres Are Not Enough To Ensure Optimum Winter Driving

It is the best decision you have made if you have installed Winter Tyres Swaffham in your vehicle. However, only using winter tyres does not make sure that you face any challenge during the winter months. Even you install Winter Tyres in your car, you have to follow basic driving rules on snowy surfaces. For example, you have to be slow on the roads because fast driving is not favoured on slippery and snowy surfaces.

Visibility is also a major concern during the winter season. Sometimes the drivers need to switch on their headlights in foggy weather. At the same time, using windscreen wipers is also essential. Therefore, you have to make sure all these components of the car work properly. Finally, check the air pressure in your Tyres Swaffham regularly to avoid poor performance. The role of tyres is vital in cold conditions. Thus, keep them properly inflated due to the risk of low air pressure.

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