Put a Brake to Brake Issues with these Maintenance Tips

9.6% of all MOT failures are due to brake related issues. It means that 1 in every 10 British cars runs on brakes which are road-safe. That’s a scary thought, considering how crucial brakes are for general road safety.

Caring for brakes should be on top of the priority list for every motorist. A malfunctioning brake can potentially cause a fatal accident, and there’s almost nothing you can do if your brakes fail while you’re driving. Therefore, it makes sense to exercise preventive maintenance for brakes and eliminate the chances of failure altogether.

Early warning signs

Brakes are extraordinarily sturdy pieces of machinery which can run smoothly for over 70,000 files. Even when there’s a problem with them, you’ll notice many early warning signs before the brakes finally give away. You just need to be a little alert to these signs and take your car for a brake repair service or replacements to respectable garages like HG Motors.

  • Spongy or sticky brake pedals usually point to a low level of hydraulic fluid in the system.

  • If you feel the pedal vibrating when you apply pressure on it, it’s most likely a problem with the brake rotors.

  • You may also hear a grinding noise while applying the brakes. It may point to several issues, such as lack of lubrication, worn-out brake pads or just a pebble stuck somewhere in the system.

  • Burning smell while applying brakes means that the brake or clutch assembly has overheated. Do not continue driving if you get the smell. Pull over and give it some time to cool down before going to a garage for professional help.

  • An increased braking distance may indicate that the brake pads have worn out. It may also be a problem with your tyres Harrogate. On average, tyres with tread depth lower than 3mm take almost 16 metres more to come to a halt compared to new tyres with an obviously better tread depth.

Brake maintenance tips

Most of the issues mentioned above are much less likely to occur if you take proper care of your brakes. Follow this simple guide.

  • Never miss your servicing schedule. Garages check the brakes for proper functioning and also refill the brake fluid as per requirements.

  • Do not overload your vehicle. It puts tremendous pressure on your brakes.

  • Coast whenever possible. It’s always better to slow down gradually and apply brakes at a lower speed.

  • Never ignore the ABS Warning light. If it’s on, rush to your nearest service centre.

  • Maintain a tread depth of at least 3mm on all four tyres. If it’s any less than that, consider installing new car or 4×4 tyres Harrogate.

  • Drive responsibly. Reckless driving is the fastest way to damage key components of your car including its brakes.

The importance of brakes in road safety cannot be stressed enough. If you are driving with faulty brakes, you’re compromising on the safety of everyone on the road, including yourself. Proper brake maintenance can go a long way in ensuring that your brakes stay operational for the longest possible time.

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