Read this helpful guide to get the MOT test successfully

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Road safety is the prime concern for car drivers in the UK. It is fine if the car drivers follow the safety rules but if they are not ready to follow the guidelines, the Government is going to compel them to meet the legal requirements to be on the roads.

The MOT test is necessary for every car driver if his vehicle is three years old. If you are failed to submit your vehicle after three years of the registration date, it is possible you face legal actions.

What is an MOT Test?

The full form of the MOT test is Ministry of transport test that usually checks whether the vehicles meet legal standards or not when they run on roads.

If a driver has a proper MOT certificate with him at the time of driving, it clearly means his vehicle is roadworthy and has no issues to cause problems for other drivers.

What is examined during an MOT test?

While you submit your car for the MOT test, the tester is supposed to include the following parts in the test:

  • Bodywork
  • Fuel system
  • Exhaust system
  • Seat and seat belts
  • Horn
  • Lights
  • Doors and mirrors
  • Tyres and wheels
  • Windscreen wipers
  • Registration place
  • Electrical equipment

How to prepare for the MOT test?

Your chances in the MOT test are good if you maintain your vehicle regularly. Do not let it happen that your car fails its test for reasons that can be resolved easily.

Change fuse bulbs, check windscreen wipers, keep your tyres properly inflated and keep your car clean.

These are some examples of the tasks you can do to pass the MOT test.

Actually, you should not maintain your vehicle to just pass the test but you should do it to keep your car safe on the roads.

How does your car fail or pass its test?

According to fresh MOT rules your car will pass or fail the MOT test on the basis of three categories of faults that are dangerous, major and minor.

Your car will fail the test


If your car is found to have dangerous faults, the vehicle cannot the MOT centre will not allow you to drive the car if the faults are not repaired.


Your car will also fail its Volvo MOT Northampton test if it has major faults. You need to repair the faults as soon as possible before driving your car again.

Your car will pass the MOT test

Your car will pass the test if it meets all legal requirements.


Your vehicle will pass the test if there are minor faults in the vehicle but you have to repair the faults before the faults become dangerous.

MOT retests

If your car fails its MOT, retest is an option to let you drive your car again. If your car fails the test and you repair it with the same test centre, you will have a partial retest if it is done within 10 working days.

Toyota MOT Northampton is a beneficial test for you since it helps you to ensure road safety. You feel you have fulfilled your legal requirements to drive the car when you have the certificate with you. By doing this test, the Government just wants you to take care of your car appropriately.