Recognise the 5 Primary Issues Which Make Steering Columns Shake

Given that every part of a car is inter-connected, a small fault inevitably results in a larger manifestation of problems. Consider a shaking steering column, for example. It is dangerous, difficult to control, and downright frightening. There are several issues which may cause the malfunction of a steering wheel column. You may prevent these problems if you have a thorough understanding of the same.

5 reasons for a vibrating steering column
The steering column is the combination of the steering wheel and the column on which it rests. Whenever it starts vibrating, controlling the car becomes extremely difficult. Besides, when on wet/slippery roads, it may cause a vehicle to skid or even face a pile-up.
There are 5 different reasons which cause steering column malfunctions most often.

A dry jounce bushing
If you are not into automobiles, this might seem like strange jargon to you. However, a jounce bushing is an essential part of the car. It is located in the front strut and is a part that prevents the suspension from passing the vibrations on wards to the steering wheel and column.
Usually, the first giveaway sign is a faint but persistent sound that gets louder with each passing day.

Bad shocks and struts
It is often the main reason why your car has steering column issues. Shocks and struts are not repairable. They need replacements. Bad shocks and struts are everywhere; unfortunately, great vehicular service is not.Refer to reputable garages like ETS Auto Centre for professional expertise to deal with these ‘shock and strut’ issues. You can also rely on them for top-end exhaust repair services along with aftermarket replacements.

Misbalanced wheels
Another very common culprit every time the steering column acts up. That calls for a wheel balancing at Rotherham. Typically, wheels need balancing once a year. However, if you feel something is ‘off’ with them,go for a balance check immediately. For more advice and guidance, you must consult a qualified service garage.

Damaged ball joints
A vehicle’s ball joint will sustain wear over time. Proper lubrication is essential for the ball bushings and bearings to work. It might seem like a tiny and insignificant issue,but damaged or worn-out ball joints cause many MOT failures.

Leak in power steering fluid
Most modern cars nowadays offer power steering, which is a much-needed boost to driving. The mechanism is a lot more complicated than a manual steering assembly, which many speed-maniacs still prefer. Besides, power steering fluid can leak. Such leakage can only be restricted by professional service personnel.

Check for tyre damage
Tyre damage is a culprit which often escapes scrutiny. The surface should be free from harm, debris, and metal particles etc. If any of these are present, a quality tyre repair at Rotherham is called for. Undamaged tyres have low rolling resistance and therefore will cause lesser steering column vibrations. On an average, tyres need expert inspection once every year and a DIY look see once per month.
Any of the factors may be responsible for the poor performance of your car. It might also cause jarring steering column vibrations. Always be on the lookout for anything ‘off’ with the vehicle you drive.

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