It is a very mundane thing for many of us – stuck in a jam, blowing the horn, taking your legs on and off the accelerator and suddenly you hear that rattling sound. The thought of it being from your engine seems nothing less than a nightmare, and you pray and hope, with all your will and wits, for it to be coming from the car in the proximate lane.

Similar to the fact that a lot of things about your body and any problem in it can be detected from your eyes and nails, the dashboard of your car is the component that informs you of all the happenings in the car engine.

The engine is like the heart of the car which keeps it functioning, and we do not even want to imagine something happening to our heart, do we? A lot of these signs may even be impalpable, but one should always keep an eye out for the tiniest of details to save any major catastrophe in the future.

Following are the top 5 danger signs of engine damage, any of which happening, needs your car to be taken to the garage right away.


One of the most prominent signs of an engine problem is the lights which are right in front of our eyes. When you ignite the engine, all the lights glow up and turn off one after the other after which you start to drive. However, if that doesn’t happen, the lights don’t turn off, then there is a minor or a major problem with your engine because these lights are associated with sensors which track all the activities of the car. Intentionally or unintentionally, choosing to ignore the light routine may cost you a hefty amount of trouble in the future.


After you’ve driven your vehicle for some time, you get used to the different types of sound it makes and any change in that should immediately strike your mind. Whirring, backfiring, squealing, popping, or any such sound directly indicates some deformity in your vehicle.


Fuel combustion in our car releases smoke which contains an odour. The odour is generally released outside the car through the pipes in case of a healthy car. But if you start to smell something similar while being seated in your car, as if you were standing close to the smoke pipe, get your car checked ASAP to detect the problem.


Another visible symptom of potential engine damage in our car is the smoke. Any coloured smoke signifies some sort of problem with the engine. White smoke is due to water condensation while blue smoke is due to oil leakage. Smoke coming out from either back or front is hazardous and can even cause serious health issues due to the poisonous gases it contains.


With the trembling of the engine like a grinder, even when the vehicle is not moving, you might want to take your car for an inspection. Look out for signs like trouble in igniting the car, poor gas mileage, etc. and take action on it at once.


Nobody wants to go through the pain of facing an engine failure and spending a handsome amount of money fixing it. Be vigilant about the signs of any type of engine failure by observing the smallest detail. The key to having a trouble free engine is getting it serviced at regular intervals which gives you the best reason to visit Trade price tyres Engine Diagnostics Newport or the unrivalled automotive shop in town.

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