Repair Your Flat Tyres

mobile tyre fitting ManchesterImagine you are driving with your favourite music on, and the tyre gets punctured. You end up wondering if you have to buy another tyre. Wait, you can save your money by repairing it. How good is that!

All you need to do is: – take a closer look at the tyre and make sure that you can repair it.

How to know if your tyre can get repaired?

If the tyre is punctured due to a nail or any other tiny objects, it can be easily repaired. Make sure that your tyre is punctured only in the tread area and it is equal or lesser than 1/4th of an inch of the diameter.

How can you know if it’s time to replace the tyre?

  • Replace the tyre if the puncture is deeper than 1/4th of an inch of the diameter.
  • Go for a new tyre if the puncture is in the shoulder or the sidewall of your tyre.
  • If your tyre has already undergone a lot of punctures, then get a new one.

How to quickly fix a puncture?

Sealants: They are a great source of help in times like these. You can use this to seal the holes caused by small objects. Use it only for the short run, i.e. until you find the next stop to get your tyre repaired or replaced.

Inflators: Tyre inflators are used to re-inflate your punctured tyres.

Plugs: They are less in price and are best when tyres run over nails or smaller objects.

Patch: A patch results in better quality. The puncture is sealed from the inside and then left to dry. Today a plug/patch combo is available to repair tyres.

If it is a replacement, what to choose?

Today, we have a wide range of Goodyear tyres Wolverhampton. Hence go for the best ones available in the market. The tyres that you purchase should be of quality with a good ability and long service life. When you choose your tyres, go with the ones that are suited for the environment that you usually drive-in. It is best if you go for tyres that work well in both wet and dry conditions.

How to care for tyres?

As we have all heard, ‘prevention is better than cure’. Therefore, you must ensure to take good care of the tyres. If you do so and the tyre is in good condition, then even if the tyre gets punctured, it can easily get repaired. Hence you need not spend extra money on a new set of tyres. Certain things that are to be taken care of is:

  • Avoid driving your car while punctured or when the air is lower than the minimum amount required. It is not only bad for the tyre but is also riskier for the driver and the passenger.
  • Once you know that your tyre is punctured, get it repaired by an expert.
  • When you are planning to go for a road trip, make sure that you check your tyres. Mobile Tyre Fitting Wolverhampton will help you in avoiding most of the problems that can occur.
  • Make sure that the alignment of the tyres is done for every 5000 miles. Alignment is nothing but making sure that the angles of the wheels are adjusted according to the specifications of the car manufacturer.
  • Every time you go for a car service, make sure that the suspension is correct and the wheel bearings are not worn out.

Hence select quality tyres for your vehicle and also take good care of them. This will help in preventing the Goodyear Tyres Wolverhampton from wearing out.

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