Resolving Wheel Balance and Alignment Issues

Imagine going for a drive on a beautiful day. The weather is as awesome as the company of your loved ones around you. Conversations and comfort seem to be the two most available things at the time. Alas! Something feels incorrect. The last curb that you hit seems to have messed up your car’s front-end alignment. You take your car to the mechanic and tell him to check and repair the alignment issue. You take your car back after the work is done but the issue is still there.

Don’t worry you’re not the first one who has gone through this. People tend to go to mechanics and tell them what to do, rather than telling them the symptoms that they’re facing and letting the mechanics figure out what’s wrong. Any repairs done according to you will not be guaranteed by the garage, as they will claim to have worked on whatever you told them to.

In this article, we’ve mentioned a list of tips to understand and convey issues related to wheel alignment Merthyr Tydfil and balancing to the mechanic you take your car to. The diagnoses are based on symptoms and are meant to be for your understanding and not a solution to these issues.

Possible Causes of Vibration

  • If you feel a constant vibration at all speeds, you might have a bad tyre or a bent wheel.
  • If you feel a constant vibration at specific speeds or speed ranges, then your wheels might be out of balance.
  • If you feel a vibration at bumps or curbs, you might have loose suspension parts or loose front wheel bearings.
  • If you feel a constant vibration in the steering wheel, you need to get your front wheels checked.
  • If you feel a constant vibration in the seats, you might need to go for a rear-wheel check-up.

Pull in a Direction

If you feel a certain pull towards one side, left or right, while you’re driving straight, you might be facing a tyre pressure issue.

Issue with Radial Tyres

If you feel a constant pull in a direction you might be facing radial pull. This issue is very common and can happen even with newly mounted tyres. If you have the tools and time, switch the tyres side-to-side, i.e. left tyres with the right ones. If the pull stops then you’re facing a radial pull issue.

Messed up Steering

If your car steering is not straight when the car is moving straight, you might feel a pull in a certain direction. You can also feel this pull if your steering parts have worn out and are in need of an inspection.

These issues are very common and some even have similar symptoms. This is also the reason why we don’t advice you to start diagnosing your car based on these symptoms, as you might never know why your car is doing what it is doing. Take your car to an expert and tell him the symptoms. He’s a trained professional and would know what to do if he’s good at his job. Our skilful technicians at Tyreman Merthyr and well trained, experienced and most of all know what to do and do it well. If you ever face a Wheel Alignment Merthyr Tydfil issue, contact or visit our experts, and rest assured as your car is in safe and trustworthy hands.

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