Riding the Beast- Best Driving Practices to Follow for SUV Drivers

SUVs are in vogue in the UK, and it’s more than just a cliché. There is solid data to back up that statement. Currently, 30.5% of the total cars sold in the UK are SUVs. In 2017 alone, over 800,000 units have left showrooms, and the sales show no signs of slowing down. Compare that to 2008, when SUVs made up only 11% of the car sales, and you’ll see how British motorists are increasingly leaning towards these powerful beasts.

Best SUV Driving Practices

There can be any number of reasons for this spike in demand for SUVs. They are more powerful, spacious, robust and fit for off-roading. However, with these benefits comes the added responsibility on the owner’s part for higher maintenance and repair costs as well. Driving an SUV is considerably different from driving a sedan or coupe as well. There are some checks and precautions that you need to follow to ensure safe SUV driving.

  • Avoid sudden turns and reckless swerving. Not only are SUVs bigger than sedans and hatchbacks, but their centre of gravity is also higher. If you take sudden turns, there’s a higher probability of the car rolling over or skidding.

  • Brake from a greater distance. Since SUVs are quite heavy, they carry extra momentum and therefore require additional tarmac length to decelerate.

  • Always keep the gas tank at least half full. Otherwise, the fuel pump will have to work harder as a result of which you’ll get a lower mileage per litre of gas. SUVs consume more fuel as it is. You may save quite a few bucks by following this practice.

  • Always install SUV specific tyres and not standard passenger car tyres. You may visit independent retailers like Gilgal Tyres for the best 4×4 Tyres Manchester.

  • If you use your SUV for off-roading frequently, wash it properly after every trip. Apply an extra layer of wax coating for protection.

  • Many drivers overload their SUVs. Avoid that as much as possible. Never exceed the load capacity of your SUV. It’ll only make its handling and braking worse. If you are loading it, make sure that most of the load is at the rear of the vehicle.

  • Another common practice is installing roof racks on SUVs. Although it is a utilitarian necessity, roof racks increase the aerodynamic drag of the vehicle resulting in lower mileage. It also shifts the centre of gravity of the car and increases the probability of rollovers.

  • Never drive with worn-out tyres. While it’s unsafe for all vehicles, it’s particularly dangerous on SUVs. Worn-out tyres are simply inadequate to handle the higher weight and extra power, let alone off-roading, typical for SUVs. Maintain adequate tread depth on all four of your SUV Tyres in Manchester to get the requisite and optimal performance from your tyres.

It might be appropriate to quote Uncle Ben from Spiderman here- “With great power comes great responsibility.” It holds true for SUVs as well. Follow these driving practices, and you’ll be able to enjoy a hassle-free SUV drive every time.