Riding Your ‘City Car’ To a Boulder Field? Michelin Approves!

Are you willing to drive down into the Moon’s crater with your BMW X5 through a cornfield or race with the wild horses in far west? Welcome to the world of Michelin Latitude Tour HP, best known for its hyper-responsiveness and all-season traction. Intended for SUVs and crossovers, Michelin boasts of this being ‘the most versatile SUV tyres’ capable of dancing upon the cruellest of terrains.

Interstate Freeway Driving, City Commuting or Touring the Alps –

Michelin latitude sounds like a good replacement over Michelin Premier LTX. Satisfied customers claim to have trodden twice around the globe thanks to Michelin ‘Latitude’ even with an easy-going driving nature. The closest in competition to Michelin Latitude is Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus although the former runs a higher UTG rating between 600 and 720.

Features worth Drooling For:

Michelin tyres are known for their superpowers that can take your car anywhere, literally! The 110,000 kilometres limited treading warranty is enough assurance for customers who want to buy tyres at Hoyland and to make two trips around the globe. Michelin’s flagship Latitude tour tyres, now available at Challenger Tyres & Exhausts, guarantee comfort and performance thanks to computer control technology with max-touch construction.

  • Are you still concerned with mileage for your X5 running on Michelin latitude? Well, Michelin refers to latitude as Green X for a purpose. With complex combinations of rubberised silica, engineer’s experiments intricate groove designing that enhances its braking capacity by 5% than its predecessor.
  • Treading consists of two individual polymer belts with alternate layers of steel along the sidewalls. Wonder how your X5 manages to glide over the rocky terrain like butter without toppling down? Michelin uses a non-directional and symmetric pattern for its treading. Owners can use these tyres in any orientation or position, something very crucial for an SUV/crossover.

‘I Am Confused Between Michelin Latitude And LTX.’

Michelin sets harder goals for itself every season. With their Evergrip technology introduced especially for LTX, they have substantially reduced hydroplaning. This allows longer service life while additives in the rubber compound offer extra grip even in low temperatures. Rough sipes boost driver confidence, and thus, LTX can easily be grouped under ‘all-weather tyres’ category.

Are you planning to get new tyres at Hoyland but cannot make a definite choice? You can visit a showroom or a car garage and talk to mechanics and product experts there. Experts at Challenger Tyres & Exhausts Hoyland help pamper your driving senses with their all-new range of Michelin tyres. Above all, they will understand your requirement, Michelin Latitude holds good for rougher terrains and can practically move on everything! LTX are meant to last longer, and they offer greater value for money.

Choosing the Right Gear for Your Mean Machine!

The wide gap between theory and technicality raises a million questions. Does it necessarily mean that you should buy tyres at Hoyland to the tune of $ 225 on Michelin Latitude tyres and part ways with your stock tyres? If your stock tyres look ugly and still deliver decent performance, you should reserve your latitudinal investment till your stock wears out.

Understand your vehicle, love it and find out whether you do need to travel to the Moon (and back). In case your desire refuses to back off, consult any reputed car service garage and satiate your Michelin dreams!

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