Save Great Efforts With Little Helpful Information On Best Winter Tyres 2018

Whether you like winters or not, you must replace your summer tyres with winter ones if you are concerned about road safety and vehicle performance on salty and wet roads loaded with snow. Finding the right tyre for your car is a herculean task; however, with little idea about good brands and their features will make your purchase easier. Keeping this purpose in mind, we are going to discuss the bestselling brands and their specific properties, that led most buyers to buy them even with a blindfold on!

As per the results of 2018 Auto Bild (German publication) Winter Tyre Test, conducted on fifty one winter tyres (195/65 R15) on the basis of wet and snow gripping, both Bridgestone and Continental take the top spot in acheiving the lowest braking distance in wet conditions. Dunlop, Fulda, and Hankook are other names on the list of best performing winter tyres in similar conditions.

Bridgestone Blizzak LM001 EVO and Continental WinterContact TS 860 are the best performing winter tyres, with lowest braking distances 34.3m and 34.5m, respectively. Let’s see, why Continental WinterContact TS 860 is the most satisfactory winter tyre for drivers whose winter driving is on wet/dry roads:

  • Winner of the test with dry grip 95%, wet grip 97%, road feedback 91%, handling 92%, wear 86%, comfort 93%, buy-again 92%, snow grip 70%, ice grip 50%

  • All rounder performance with high steering precision and sterling handling on snow and on a wet surface

  • Perfect gripping in all conditions

  • Offers good comfort and low rolling resistance

  • Least noisy winter tyre ever

  • Most fuel efficient

  • Extraordinary stability and handling on dry roads even at temperature up to +20 C

Let’s talk about a few other brands that made it to the list of most robust premium touring winter tyres designed for passenger cars:

1. Goodyear UltraGrip 9

  • Ranked 3rd with dry grip 83%, wet grip 90%, road feedback 82%, handling 84%, wear 87%, comfort 91%, buy-again 91%, snow grip 100%, ice grip 90%

  • Good grip on wet surfaces and particularly beyond belief on dry roads, snow, and ice

  • Low fuel consumption

  • Easy on the pocket

2. Hankook Winter i cept RS2

  • Ranked 4th with dry grip 87%, wet grip 87%, road feedback 76%, handling 86%, wear 84%, comfort 77%, buy-again 95%

  • Spectacular snow grip and handling, and safe balance on the wet as well as dry surfaces

  • Ultimate snow performance, excellent aquaplaning resistance, and low wear

  • Superb handling features in all weather conditions

3. Dunlop Winter Sport 5

  • Ranked 5th with dry grip 89%, wet grip 91%, road feedback 81%, handling 84%, wear 84%, comfort 80%, buy-again 87%, snow grip 100%, ice grip 100%

  • Marvellous in snow and ice, balanced performance in wet and dry conditions too

  • Precise steering behavior and good feedback

  • Fuel use is low

  • High-quality performance with low noise on wet surface

  • Rated the best tyre on the test with almost no drawbacks

  • Solid handling in all conditions

4. Pirelli Cinturato Winter

  • Ranked 7th with Dry grip 84%, wet grip 92%, road feedback 84%, handling 84%, wear 75%, comfort 78%, buy-again 74%

  • A tyre designed for commuting and professional use, aimed at medium-sized cars that cover high mileage

  • High-powered sporty handling in snow and wet conditions, with meticulous steering precision

  • Use of “Multiactive 4D Sipe” technology for reduced braking distances

5. Bridgestone Blizzak LM001 EVO

  • Ranked 10th with a total score of 64.1 (wet: 34.3/Snow: 29.8)

  • magnificent wet performance with short braking distances and good aquaplaning attributes

  • Good value for money

6. Falken Eurowinter HS01

  • Ranked 11th with dry grip 90%, wet grip 92%, road feedback 90%, handling 71%, wear 85%, comfort 85%, buy-again 97%, snow grip 100%

  • A well priced tyre with perfect snow and wet braking, also offers good comfort

  • Outstanding on wet and dry roads, all in all a great tyre for excellent price

7. Michelin Alpin 5

  • Ranked 17th with dry grip 85%, wet grip 94%, road feedback 86%, handling 77%, wear 87%, comfort 91%, buy-again 89%, snow grip 80%, ice grip 80%

  • Extremely low wear makes this expensive tyre the best value tyre

  • Quite dynamic and more dry/wet oriented tyre with lowest wear

Nexen Winguard Snow G WH2

  • Ranked 21st with dry grip 90%, wet grip 80%, road feedback 84%, handling 82%, wear 90%, comfort 82%, buy-again 96%

  • This high performance winter tyre gives matchless response in dry as well as wet conditions

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