Set To Change Again – Know the Shifting MOT Rules to Stay Ahead of the Game

Despite its major overhaul in 2018, the regulations regarding an MOT test is all set to change again. DVSA and DfT recently came across several loopholes for outstanding safety recalls, and to stay ahead of these issues, and they are preparing another major shake-up this year.

What Should You Expect?

The next time you take your car for an MOT in Royton, expect a stricter regulation to address the vehicles carrying the recall notices. Current estimates show that at least 1 in every 13 automobiles in the UK has recall notices issued against them. However, for several reasons, a significant number of those vehicles haven’t been brought up for inspection at all.

The updated regulation will encourage drivers to correct the safety-related defect before an unfortunate incident takes place. It will ensure that around 2.39 million car owners who are using these vehicles stay safe during their future commute.

DVSA is working on merging the database of MOT and recalls in a combined system. It will allow a tester to identify whether your vehicle is under the recall list or not during an MOT Test in Royton.

Will it Cause Failure in an MOT?

DVSA is likely to introduce certain tolerances to give car owners some time to bring their vehicle for the recall. They are expected to receive a notice with relevant information about the recall and a probable time limit they have to bring it to a garage for the test.

Also, it is unlikely that the new ruling will change the current fault category under an MOT in Royton.

Existing Categories

With the May 2018 MOT regulation update, every vehicle will be categorised in 5 fault classes. These are the following:

  • Dangerous – If a vehicle violates the road safety regulations and poses an immediate risk to its driver, fellow road users and the environment, it will fall under MOT’s ‘Dangerous’ category. It will cause an instant fail in an MOT, and the vehicle has to be repaired in that MOT test centre.

  • Major – ‘Major’ category includes faults that pose similar risks as ‘Dangerous’; however, if your car has a ‘Major’ category defect, you are allowed to take it to your preferred car service garage for a repair.

  • Minor – If a vehicle has an issue that does not affect the car’s safety or the environment, it will fall under ‘Minor’.

  • Advisory – ‘Advisory’ category indicates issues that may turn serious shortly. Car owners will be asked to keep an eye on the problem post an MOT Test Royton.

  • Pass – If it meets all the minimum legal standards, it will get a ‘Pass’ certificate.

MOT tests should be conducted only by certified car service garages in the UK. One has to take their vehicle to reputed service stations like Quality Assured Fleet Service. They are one of the largest MOT test centres in Royton and have a team of experienced technicians who also offer general automobile repairs like vehicle servicing.

The recall update is likely to be added in the MOT guidelines within 2019 or by early 2020. It is expected to make the British roads much safer by identifying and refurbishing faulty automobiles.