Should You Buy Winter Car Tyres?

Winter is coming, like it or not? The season will change regardless of your concern. But if you are a motorist, change in seasons might affect your and your driving experience. Especially if you live in a region with heavy snowfall, you want to need to focus on the types of tyres you use. For freezing temperature and ice, winter tyres could be your key to a successful drive.

According to surveys and studies, winter Tyres Ashford has been the most successful tyres ever used in icy and snow-covered road conditions. Some believed they didn’t need winter tyres because they had all-season tyres. In reality, a fresh set of all-season tyres has the same amount of traction as half-worn winter tyres.

It is seen that with using winter tyres,

– The rate of accidents and road fatalities decreased

– The emergency responses reduced in winters

– Traffic congestion was in control

Simply put, many drivers in the Uk has stated that winter tyres have been their top priority when the season changes.

But have you thought why winter tyres? Why can’t you simply use summer or all-season tyres in winters?

To learn about winter tyres, you must continue reading

The design, structure and material used in your winter tyres are distinct that any other tyre. The mounting cost might seem high but making the seasonal move is much easier and less expensive, making the investment worthwhile. It is said that if you plan on keeping your vehicle for a longer period, you must switch to winter tyres, this will help you increase the life of your vehicle.

It’s not only about the sticky tread pattern; the rubber compounds are intended to deliver maximum traction in the coldest temperatures. They are designed to run smoothly under 7 degrees celsius. They can bite into the snow and produce traction for quick movement since they have a stronger gripping ability. It’s critical to recognise that winter tyres are not icy or snow tyres; they don’t have metal studs or anything pointy protruding from the tread.

The tread on winter tyres is supposed to be deep and densely packed with hundreds of tiny grooves and sipes. These insignificant details aid in keeping traction and grip on a snow-covered road. The function of this tiny particle is to provide traction and grip.

Also, prevent aquaplaning and disperse excess snow from the road surface. Due to the presence of these tiny sipes, winter tyres are famous for enhancing the handling of your vehicle while driving on the snow-covered road.

How does winter tyre perform extremely well?

This is the next most asked question. The reason for improved performance is the type of rubber used in its manufacturing.

The pure rubber compound is used in this tyre which is mixed with silica compound and other chemicals that provides enough softness in winter tyres.

Advantages of Winter tyres

– They enhance the performance criteria of your vehicle by making your drive more safe.

– It is important to note that if your tyres are bald, get a new pair because the tread of your winter tyres is extremely important. They maintain the grip for smooth motion.

Along with advantages, there are certain disadvantages as well –

– You cannot use winter tyres in any other season. If so, they will start getting damaged super fast. They are manufactured to be only used in cold and snow-covered regions.

– Since you cannot use them all year round, you must have a proper place to store them. If stored inappropriately, they get prone to damage.

You may not be aware, but winter tyres are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, with drivers preferring them over all-season tyres. Many drivers are unaware of how seasonal Michelin Tyres Ashford work and how important they are.