Should you Pay More for Expensive Tyres?

No matter what you plan to buy, the cost of the item is something that matters the most. You don’t plan to buy something that’s out of your purchase range but can surely push the limits a little more. Someone who plans on buying a hatchback won’t go on to buy an SUV suddenly unless they’ve hit a jackpot overnight.

It is no different when you plan to buy a new set of tyres for your car, as the first thing that you limit yourself is the pricing. One wants to buy the best for their car but the cost is something that you cannot tamper with, and have to buy in a range that you can afford. Bargaining is possible but I’m sure your bargaining skills won’t bring the cost of a £100 tyre to £40-50.

The next thing that you keep an eye on is what is the cheapest yet good for your car. Tyres are not forgotten here as well. Where you can find some people spending hundreds of pounds on tyres, you can also find people using pre-used tyres as a replacement. So, how does one know if you need to spend bundles of bucks or a cheap solution for your tyre trouble is enough or not? Keep reading the article to clear all your doubts regarding this.

Pay More?


If you think the process of manufacturing tyres involves shaping liquid rubber by dropping it in a mould, then you’re wrong. There’s much more to this billion-dollar business than just heating and shaping.

Scott Armstrong, test driver for Continental said, that the tyres determine 50% feelings and condition of the car when you drive it.

The manufacturing process involves formulating a compound of the right mixture and shaping it under pressure. The engineers then bind them using machines while also adding the tread patterns. The factories and the quality of material used are of top-notch quality and are kept in the best condition possible. The product isn’t sent out without getting tested and scanned by machines for any errors in the process. If any issue is spotted, then the whole process is repeated.

All this investment is of no use if the product was of no use. The quality of a good tyre is way better than a cheaper one. The materials used and the binding strength of a cheap tyre can not be as trustworthy as an expensive one’s. All the investment and hard work doesn’t go to trash and is all done to improve the product. A good tyre is safe for a longer period while also being fuel-efficient.

Pay More?


While a majority of the manufacturers oppose the usage of second-hand tyres, some support it. When asked why do they support second-hand tyres, the answer was because of the extra saving that one could do. People often switch out tyres when the tread depth reaches the 3mm mark. These tyres can still be used, for some time, by people who can’t afford to buy new ones. The legal limit is 1.6mm of tread, which gives a 3mm tread tyre an extra 1.4mm tread to drive on and then change it later.

While you can choose to use a pre-owned tyre, you should go for a set of new ones. An old tyre might have 3mm of tread, whereas, a new budget tyre will have around 8mm of tread depth, making it safer and more efficient to drive. Maintain your car Tyres Maltby and check them regularly to avoid any extra damage and also for safety reasons. If you have any queries or need assistance with issues related to Tyres Ordsall, visit or contact us at Harworth Tyres Services. Our team of skilful technicians are some of the best in the business and are known to provide the best pieces of advice as well as solutions.

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